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KOTA KINABALU: Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties should always back one another in times of trouble, Sabah Umno secretary Datuk Seri Panglima Yahya Hussin said….“I leave it to Upko but in BN we need component parties to back each other up whenever we face difficulties. They should firmly be with us, that is the spirit of BN,” ( The Borneo Post )

Is this the philosophy of BN? Back each other, no matter whether the issue is tantamount to eroding the rights of your state or country? Does BN expect all it’s component members to follow blindly what ever it’s decision? No wonder we can never see the light at the end of the tunnel for the “project I/C” and illegal immigrants.

Was it wrong for UPKO to speak about this? This is something, which I have repeatedly said a thorn in the flesh for the Malaysian Sabahan. Yet when a state leader voiced their views, here comes a clown from our very own back yard calling to back each other! I thought that these kind of statement would only come from “overseas” . Disgusting!

What is there to “back each other” when it comes to this kind of situation and the issuance of I/Cs to the illegals? Is it because that the “project I/C” was the BN government pet or is this guy gaining from the “project”?.  If this guy got a little bit of patriotism in his blood for his state, he should have at least supported the statement by Datuk Wifred Bumburing. But sad to say that, he is nothing more than an opportunist. Afterall who in the hell can make millions of ringgits mansion after only being a minister a few years!

The heck with this kind of so-called leaders and the BN philosophy!


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Sad Future

Sad Future

“If the NRD or government has no satisfactory answer, I strongly urge Upko to seriously review its position in the BN because an identification document is a very important matter as it shows their sense of belonging.” Datuk Wilfred Bumburing Daily Express and Star

I’ve lost track on how many articles I’ve written in the Daily Express Forum regarding the issuance of fake Malaysian I/C to foreigners. This issue has been a thorn in the flesh for every Malaysian Sabahan for almost 3 decade. The leaders of some political parties have repeatedly voiced their displeasure regarding this issue but unfortunately their concerned falls on deaf ears of the federal government. To make matter worst which hurt the feelings of the people in Sabah, some clowns from the cabinet got the guts to make statements such as  “..the PATI does not pose any problems to Sabah people” and “…there is no such thing as Project I/C”.

I can vividly remember so clearly that while I was once posted to a bank branch in Tenom a few years back, I came across a foreigner with a passport who came to open an account but I rejected it due to some technicality in the document. The very next day, this very same man came again to open an account but this time with a Malaysian I/C! I sarcastically asked him whether the I/C was acquired through the Project I/C. Surprisingly he admitted without any sense of fear. (Did I approve the application..NO!)

So each time when some leaders from the central government made comments such as the above, my first reaction would be “F**k you all”. It’s not that I like to use the word F**k on leaders but after 3 decade of voicing out our concern, they do nothing but keep hurting the people with their remarks.

Coming back to the statement by Datuk Wilfred Bumburing, as a anakdesa of Sabah, I fully support that UPKO should take a concrete steps and action to overcome this problem once and for all. He rightfully and I wholeheartedly agree when he said that “…I strongly urge Upko to seriously review its position in the BN..”. Not that I being an anti-government but we need to be heard. If the present government do not  care nor listen to the plight of the people regarding the Project I/C, why then do we need to carry on supporting them. May as well get a new government and cross our fingers that they will look and resolve the matter. If they too do not act on it as what the present government is doing then show them the exit door!

Now the question arise when Datuk Wilfred Bumburing said “….who believes that a Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up to investigate NRD’s alleged issuance of ICs to foreigners.”  when YB Lim Kiat Siang  put up a motion for a RCI to be set up to solve the issue, where were all the UPKO’s representatives?

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