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MANEK URAI At last the final official result of the Manek Urai by-election – PAS won with a very slim majority of 65 votes – PAS Abe Uji got 5,340 votes against Tuan Aziz 5,283. I was rather surprised not because PAS won or UMNO-BN lost but it’s the majority. I expected the majority to be between 1000-1500 votes. Not that I being a sore loser, in this case my expectation, but with such a slim victory surely something is not right. PAS and it’s PR partners should all sit down for some serious soul-searching session on what went wrong, and what contributed to the slim victory. PAS should be blamed for the poor result as they have been over harping on the ‘unity talk’ of late. I read a comment posted by a voter from Manek Urai who was not in favor of the ‘unity talk’, that he may as well vote for BN if that is the case. In the first place these voters don’t like UMNO-BN and now PAS wants to kowtow them. What the hack!

Anakdesa says what ever the so-called ‘unity talk’ is only UMNO’s ploy of ‘divide and rule’ tactic. They are damn good with this tactic works, but then again it all depends on the other party whether they are a fool or otherwise. This tactic was applied over and over again in Sabah with all the non-muslim bumiputra and the non-bumiputra population divided into smaller fractions with so many political parties to represent them. This has made Sabah it’s way into the Guinness Book of Record for having the most political parties in Malaysia, if not in the world.

Abe Uji - PAS

Abe Uji - PAS

Was it because the BN was clever in manipulating the situation or was it the Sabah so-called leaders who were actually damn STUPID. Or was the Sabah so-called leaders genius that they managed to convinced the central government to register and  accept their parties into BN, in return of position in the government where they can accumulate wealth?

Anakdesa has no political affiliation, so whoever had won in Manek Urai bears little significant to me. If I am a voter in Manek Urai, I’ll be choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. However given no choice to choose as there are only UMNO-BN and PAS candidates, I would rather X-ed PAS. I’ve no lost love for UMNO-BN after what they have done to Sabah with it’s ‘divide-and-rule’ tactic and how they manipulated the PATI (pendatang asing tanpa izin), issuing them with I/Cs so that they can vote for BN. These have made the local lost their rights as Malaysian citizens in many aspects such as medical facilities, night-market business etc. Not to mention the increased in crimes – drugs, rapes, housebreaking, murder  etc. which was committed by these PATI.

Tuan Aziz - BN

Tuan Aziz - BN

As I’ve written in my earlier artical ( READ HERE ), UMNO-BN needs to change it’s leaders attitude who, many said are full of  CORRUPTIONCRONYISM, RACIST, FAVOURITISM AND ARROGANT attitudes. They need to change or will surely be changed in the next general election.

Coming back to Manek Urai by-election, PAS should understand that the ‘unity’ talk is actually a ‘divide-and-rule’ tactic of UMNO. They know very well that PR is growing each day and so the only way to break PR is by using this tactic thus creating suspicion among the members of PR. Ostensibly to unite the community, PAS members however believe Najib meant to weaken their party and to break it apart from its Pakatan partners PKR and DAP. If PAS believe this is so then why are they continuing talking about ‘unity talk’ with UMNO-BN? Is it true that Najib is willing to divide the community just for the sake of his political games and hold on to power?

Anakdesa says to PAS – don’t be a fool or being fooled!

Now lets analise the result of the by-election. Manek Urai is a really rural Malay heartland where most (99%) of it’s voters are Malays, yet the UMNO-BN was unable to capture the seat despite deploying enormous resources and promises such as bridge of votes. This is something that Datuk Seri Najib as the President of UMNO and BN should take cognizance of, he can’t win in a Malay heartland by-election, wonder what hope does he have in other mix-areas!

Or was the loses contributed by his Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who stepped on the toes of the Manek Urai Malays when he  belittle Mohd Fauzi (PR candidate), a self-made trader with a thriving fish-wholesaling business. These might have hurt the Malays as most of these Malays voters are simple and friendly people. Then came the DPM from the urban, belittling and describing Mohd Fauzi as a mere fishmonger, a humble profession for most of Kelantanese rural folks. It is actually an insult to all fishmonger and fishermen. How could someone made a visit your house and say it is a bad habit to eat with your fingers when it is your culture. Isn’t that an insult to to your culture? Sometimes some people just don’t use their brain when they talk!

Or the promise of a bridge be built the very next day should they win the by-election. Isn’t this a very unrealistic promise. To build is of course realistic but to build it the very next day??? I just couldn’t believe this when I heard him said this in TV1. If those words were uttered by any man on the street, I might just smile and said “oh what the hell, what does he know about building a bridge” or maybe he was talking about building a wooden bridge with no proper architectural plan which needed a few months to draw. But when it came from the number 2 man-in-command, no dictionary can describe my astonishment.  Only a fool would believe that can happen. If you say to demolish Petronas Twin Tower the next day, I would incline to believe as that is possible with thousands kilos of C4 placed all round the building structure! After that with just a push of a button,  Petronas Twin Tower will vanish in the thin air.

This is the kind of empty/unrealistic promises especially made during election 0r by-election time just to buy votes and these are the kind of leaders we have in Malaysia! Ahhh… by the way, isn’t this corruption? No I presume as the words came from the people that walk the corridor of power BUT yes if it came from the mouth of the opposition.

Anyway, with a 65 majority, a win is still a win! RIGHT? SO WHAT!


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zaid07-june15PETALING JAYA, 15 June 2009: Senior Umno leaders shot down efforts last year to get ministers to publicly declare their assets and income, former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim revealed today.

Zaid, who was sacked from Umno and joined Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) on 13 June, blamed Umno leaders for scuttling then Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s intentions for all ministers to declare their assets.
Zaid “I still remember when Pak Lah suggested that ministers declare their assets and income. I suggested to Pak Lah that the declaration forms should be simplified like the ones used by the Australian government so that they are not difficult to fill.

“But it was never implemented because of objections by senior Umno leaders,” Zaid said in his blog posting Kepada Adnan Yaakob dan rakan-rakan.

Zaid was responding to Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, the Pahang Menteri Besar, who called him “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” for joining PKR.

Zaid resigned as a minister on 15 Sept 2008 over the government’s use of the Internal Security Act and was sacked from Umno on 2 Dec 2008 after 23 years as a member.6pchkx_th55

These UMNO leaders must be damn rich with the rakyat’s monies that they dare not publicly declare their assets and income. This is what we rakyat have been saying, OUR LEADERS ARE CORRUPTED! If not, what’s there to hide? Or scared? We rakyat never ask you corrupted leaders for a single cents. All we ask is RETURN our monies!

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And so the story goes on. The ‘winner’ says ‘Polls not the answer’ whereas the ‘loser’ says ‘fresh election is the answer’. Funny I would say why only these two politicians are talking on how the Silver State uncertainties should be solved. I wonder if the Silver State in owned by these politicians. Both sides are claiming to have the support of the majority of the Perak people. One side might say that they have the majority in the form of number of elected state representatives that is with the 28 BN and the 3 ‘frogs’ who say being friendly to the BN camp. These so-called ’frogs’ are forcing the ‘support’ of their constituencies, whom have actually rejected the BN camp. This is a one man show, who actually betrayed the electorates who voted them as their representative. Betrayed them because of ‘greed’, dissatisfaction, or maybe in exchange of ‘acquittal’ decision on some pending court case. Is this fair to the electorates?

I’ve just came back from the Silver State yesterday and I had the opportunity to talked to some individuals on the street and I noted that they are quite discouraged on what is happening in the Silver State. The political tension, prolong uncertainties in state had affected the state’s economy and unity among the races. To these simple people on the street, who ever the MB does not matter to them but there should be fair-play in choosing the government of their choice and it should be by the majority from the rakyat not in the hand of the individual representatives. Representative are chosen due to their affiliation to a certain political party therefore rightfully if these irresponsible ‘frog’ wish to jump over the drain they should go back to the people who elected them in the first place. They should not take their position as a ‘time deposit’, a term which the present PM often used on Sabah, to withdraw it anytime and enrich themselves. Can it be concluded that being an YB is a road to richness? A position where one can bargain in exchange of monetary gain or ‘acquittal decision’ in favour of themselves? Isn’t this greed, arrogant, ignorant and selfish usual attitude of politicians? As I have often said these attitude will somehow will bring down the party they are affiliated with. To who ever the MB of Perak, go back to the people!

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While I was driving to day, I heard our newly appointed PM Datuk Seri Najib announcing the uplifting of two banned newpapers and the released of 13 Hindrafsupporters. I started to wonder whether the action to ‘uplift and release’ got something to do with the 3 by-elections? Is the newly appointed PM trying to tell the Minister of Internal affairs, Datuk Syed Hamid Albar’s action was wrong and not a good decision?

I just hope that the action taken to ‘uplift and release’ is notjust a ploy to gain votes for the 3 by-elections. This not about Datuk Seri Najib being elected as prime minister or the president of UMNO but more on the attitude of the UMNO members who have became very arrogant and corrupted. Many so-called leaders in UMNO don’t admit  their mistake and they are beyond criticism. Just like the case of the wrongly detained reporter and MP Teresa Kok. Just like how the minister in charged reacted!

For a simple Anakdesa like me, it is just too early to write off Datuk Seri Najib as the 6th Prime Minister. The above ‘uplifting and release’ is just not my kind of measuring tape. Give him time to prove to the people that he is just not one of the arrogant and corrupted UMNO member. And that what he swear in the name of his Creator is true.

Meanwhile, may I humbly congratulate him on his appointment as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR: The last UMNO Supreme Council meeting before party elections will be held on 25 March. And at the height of tension over the party elections, two small pieces of paper which look like a spell have been found stuck underneath the desk of party president at the 38th floor meeting room in UMNO headquarters.

When the bomb squad from Kuala Lumpur police conducted a routine carpet search in the meeting room a few days ago, two small pieces of paper with Jawi script as well as a small piece of wood wrapped up in a piece of white cloth, were accidentally discovered underneath the desk of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. (Read More)

Anakdesa says if what was reported here is true then some people must be too desperate so much so that they have sold their soul to the devil and turning their back to their Creator. They have resorted to sorcery just to be in power. The love of power makes some people blind and they forgot that the day will come when they will have to answer the call from their Creator. Wonder if at that point of time they will bribe their Creator, with all the riches they accquired on earth, to enter heaven? Or use their political power to bulldozed their way into heaven?

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At last the “frog” epidemic has cross the South China Sea and all the Semananjung people are jumping and shouting. Some out of joy while some are crying foul. Even the MACC wouldn’t want to be left out and shiftily joined the fun.

Never before this have I come across such a wide publicity of  ‘frog’ jumping ships. It seems like the end of the world or should I say the beginning of the end of the ruling party, UMNO.

I can still remember very well when PBS was ruling Sabah as an opposition for the second term, YB Datuk Lajim Ukin and YB Datuk Rubin Balang turned ‘frog’ causing the downfall of PBS government, none of the BN leaders condemned them but on the contrary, praised them for being “open-minded”.

There were rumors at that point of time that they were given millions of ringgits for their action but surprisingly not a word from the ACA that they will investigate. Nothing at all….

Here we have an UMNO man Dato Nasaruddin turning into a “frog” and so quickly the MACC making statement that they will investigate.

So what…..afterall the high court had ruled that it is the freedom of association as enshrined in the federal constitution.

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Najib promises huge changes if BN wins

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak promised to bring huge changes to Kuala Terengganu if the Barisan Nasional (BN) if given the mandate by the people in the Jan 17 parliamentary by-election.

He said the BN Government was capable of bringing changes to provide a better livelihood for the people compared with PAS which was capable of making empty promises only. (Daily Express)

Yes lah…carry on with all the promises…empty promises! Wonder where is the promise of RM1 billion allocation for Sabah and Sarawak? Where is the promise to get rid of the illegal immigrants?

Politicals leaders are only good in making promises during elections time and during hard times when they are cornered by defections by their MPs. They start to open their big mouth and make all sort of promises just to make the people happy. After all is over those promises will turn to just nothing but empty promises!

Even Tan Sri Bernard Dompok quired about the RM1 billion extra allocation. Not that I really care about the RM1 billion extra allocation but it is a question of how good is the words/promises by our country top leaders. Can we believe them? Or are they just taking the people for a ride with all their empty promises.

As I have said I just don’t really care about that RM1 billion extra allocation, afterall if they really fulfill this promise, it is their own cronies who will actually gained from the projects. So no big deal.

What matter me most being just an ordinary rakyat, which is affecting the people of Sabah and the future generations is the illegal immigrants. Especially the “project I/C”.

As I have said in my earlier article, Sabah leaders are just good for nothing! They are just being blinded by empty promises from the central leaders. When the RM1 billion extra allocation were promised, they all praised the central leaders and adore them as goddess. I can understand lah….those $$$ sign started to play around their head. More allocation, more luggage to carry to the bank mahhh…

To the rakyat of Kuala Terengganu…don’t be a victim of empty promises…don’t be fooled by these leaders!


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