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lim-kit-siang1Tonight, I will also launch a booklet “The Cries of Sabah”.

The following is the Introduction for the booklet:


The thought of producing this booklet came to me when I received consecutively on Oct. 10/11 two heart-wrenching cries from two visitors to my blog. (The cries of Sabahans; Don’t neglect Sabah, please!)

I felt very ashamed as a Malaysian that after 45 years of Malaysia, there is still such an ocean of ignorance among West Malaysians about Sabah and Sarawak. Even more shameful is that the Government is guilty of allowing such wide gap of differences – economy, education, health, basic infrastructure – to exist between the people living on the two lands of the same country divided by the South China Sea. Clearly, the Barisan Nasional (BN) is not prepared to create a truly Malaysian nation where Sabahans and Sarawakians can fully feel that they are treated as equal citizens and an integral part of the nation.

This is why BN has become quite irrelevant, not only to Sabahans and Sarawakians but to all Malaysian communities, whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan-Dusun-Muruts, Ibans or Orang Asli.

This booklet also chronicles the day-by-day effort made in Parliament in May this year to table a motion for the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah – the worst problem faced by Sabahans – and how it failed because of the lack of support by the BN Members of Parliament, including those from Sabah.

It starts with the observation on the seemingly change of attitude shown by some Sabah Members of Parliament in the first Parliament sitting after the March 8, 2008 general election where the unprecedented political tsunami swept away five state governments from the control of the BN, and for the first time in the history of Malaysia, denied the BN 2/3 majority in Parliament.

The contents of this booklet are from my blog postings, each of which provoked heated discussion and debate on the topic at hand.

In the appendix are the blogs before the “political tsunami” of March 8, 2008, starting with my parliamentary speech on “The New Underclass in Sabah” on 16th April 2007.

Blog, a modern medium where everyone can express his/her views even anonymously as visitors, has given a completely new meaning to freedom of expression to Malaysians.

This is why the BN government has invaded the cyberspace and intruded into this new space of freedom.

There has been a transformation from its initial bewildered and hostile attitude to the blogosphere, highlighted by the “goblog” chapter of the previous “Misinformation Minister” Zainuddin Maidin and the Internal Security Act (ISA) detention of Malaysia’s famous blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin to a more nuanced and engaged posture sending cybertroopers into the blogosphere to fight its cause.

A new sense of freedom provided by the Internet must be matched by an equal sense of responsibility and I do not apologise for the minimum of moderation on my blog, disallowing language which are vulgar, obscene, inflammatory or inciting hatred of race or religion.

Although the latest parliamentary effort to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah was not successful, the problems and plight faced by Malaysian Sabahans and Malaysian Sarawakians continue. But let Malaysians join hands as one people despite the obstacles and baggage of BN to change this.

The struggle must go on…

Lim Kit Siang
November 2008


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Mr Louis Liaw & staff

Mr Louis Liaw & staff

Woww…isn’t it nice to be back to a place I call home! As the saying say..there’s no place better then home sweet home!

Was away to Kuching, Sarawak and only came back late last night. Reached home at about 12.30 am. Was so tired…not because of the journey but rather the waiting. Checked out of the hotel at noon and had to wait for 10 hours for my flight back. The guys at the lodging house that I stayed was really fantastic. Though I’ve checked out at noon, they still allowed us to refresh ourselves in the evening before we proceed to the airport. Frankly speaking, this is the first time that this kind of treatment was extended to me. My many thanks to the manager Mr Louis Liaw and his staff. You guys are great, friendly and fantastic people.

The place is equally fantastic with all her antique-looked furnitures and designs. Here are some of the pictures of the place and furnitures which caught my eyes.



To all my bloggers friends, should you happen to visit Kuching, Sarawak, I recommend you this wonderful place to stay. Pricing…well..reasonable lah considering all those friendly faces, strategically located where you can view the waterfront, state palace, short walk to the Carpenter Street, Indian Street and so forth.

I have been talking about the place but yet to name it! Hahaha…just to keep you guessing! Anyway the place is Kuching Waterfront Lodge (http://www.kuchingwaterfrontlodge.com). Looks like I have just self-appointed myself as the unofficial sales agent for Kuching Waterfront Lodge! No monetry gain though…but hopefully in my next visit they will kasi discount sikit-sikit lah! HAHAHA!

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Yesterday, while driving my 11 years old niece back from school, she was exited to see some Malaysian flags at some houses along the way. On reaching home, she asked me why aren’t we putting up a flag too as some of the houses. She knew it is because of the “51st Merdeka” celebration as they were generally informed by their teachers in school .

It took me sometimes before I can give her an answer to her question. Deep inside me is whether to tell her the real history or just being like a donkey and follow what they were taught in school. In the end I took the decision to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Sabah did not achieved it’s independence on 31st August 1957 BUT 16Th Sept 1963. Only Malaya at that time achieved their’s from the British. Not Sabah and Sarawak. After that you know lah…strings of questions from my niece that I can hardly see the Olympic in the TV in peace. I would have groan and irritated from the marathon of questions that I have to answer. If she had gone to the Olympic, I guess she would have got herself a gold medal. NO…I did not groan nor irritated over the questions poured out to me. I took the liberty to try to explain and paint in her young mind the true picture about the formation of Malaysia.

Am I wrong and being unpatriotic? Is it wrong to tell the true picture to the youngs about the real history? I believe we shouldn’t distort history and confuse the young people especially the young children of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia.

I am not being unpatriotic but facts is facts. I can’t change history nor anyone in Malaysia or the world. The facts remain no matter what our education policy or system is trying to psyche the mind of our youngs. It is morally and etically wrong! We cannot and should not distort history! But in Malaysia, it seems that the Education Ministry is trying to do just that.

Did I put up a flag in the end or did my niece insisted? No…we did not as I feel that we might be just celebrating it for the sake of celebrating without any significant meaning to the word MERDEKA. One thing for sure we do put up one on 16Th September.

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