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Amnesty after amnesty have been given to illegal immigrant’s to leave the State however it seems they are not taking the government’s amnesty seriously. Islamic Welfare Body (Nibisa) founder D. Zulkflie Mohd Masir rightly said that former Sabah CM Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat gave the illegals a final amnesty. The PM also did give a similar amnesty.

Did that really work? Has it reduced the number of illegals in the State? If the illegals are serious in wanting to go back to their homeland willingly, they should do it by now knowing very well that a big scale operation to be organised by the Government is round the corner.

As per the statement by the State Immigration Director that caning is not an effective deterrent, I hope this is not because the caning may be done lightly.

It is high time that local employers or individuals be also caned for harbouring or employing PTIs. Paying fine is definitely not a deterrent.

Those towkeys caught harbouring PTIs are rich and paying fines is no big deal for them.They can always pass the cost to the consumers and continue to employ or harbour PTIs.

As the saying goes, if you want to kill the dog, cut the head and not it’s tail. So go for the employer or landlord.

The local authorities should also be reprimanded as concrete action to control the PTIs in their district has not been carried out regularly. Ketuas Kampung must also take responsibility as they should know how to distinguish PTIs from locals.

But, to sad say, some Ketuas Kampung are in collaboration by harbouring the PTIs, getting payments from them to stay in their village.

The Government should set up a call centre in every district where anyone with information on PTIs can make a report. They should be rewarded for the information. I’m sure jobless local youths would be very happy to assist if monetary rewards are given.

Also, the Sabah ACA Director, should update the people of Sabah on what happen to the case of NRD officers caught issuing illegal I/C to PTIs.

Sabahans are fed-up with such treacherous act by some personnel in NRD, etc, where they are supposed to safeguard the security of the country.

( My article in the Daily Express Forum on July 27, 2008 ) 8)


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