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I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless. Am I dreaming? Wake me up please, I don’t want to die laughing. Is this another spin by Berita Harian newspapers?



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I came across this article by one Muhammad Abdullah which was published by Malaysiakini. After reading the article, I realised that what Muhammad Abdullah had written was absolutely true. It seems that he shared the same ideology as Raja Petra Kamaruddin. I’m taking the opportunity here to republish the article to be shared with all Malaysian. Give it a thought……with an open mind! TRY not to be too racist!

Muhammad Abdullah | Oct 7, 08 4:42pm (Malaysiakini)

It’s funny now when I recollect my experience as a new convert to Islam. I was told by the ustaz whom performed the ceremony:‘Do not follow the Malays but follow the Quran’. I did not understand then what it meant and I brushed aside his advice at that time in ignorance.

After looking at the events that are unfolding in Malaysia, I am beginning to understand what the ustaz meant. In Malaysia, it is a fallacy that Malays equal Islam as what is being practiced by the Malays is not what is propagated by the Prophet (pbuh) or according to the Quran. I am not saying that there aren’t any following the teachings, as I know many who do.

The more I read the Quran, the more I understand how it is being practiced here. Raja Petra Kamaruddin wrote: ‘My god is different from your god’ in ‘Malaysia Today’ on how he viewed Islam as being practiced by some in Malaysia.

I am in the position to understand better how the non-Muslims are feeling about the Malays and Islam at large as far as Malaysia is concerned. They are not against Islam but they are against discrimination and falsehood being practiced as Islamic in Malaysia.

A Malay-Muslim in Malaysia can say anything and everything about the non-Muslim and it is totally acceptable but not so for non-Muslims as they can’t even hold a forum to discuss about conversion to Islam as it is presumed a crime against Islam.

They feel that the non-Muslims are challenging Islam or even more so the Malays. If this isn’t double standards than what is? If you are a Malay-Muslim, you have every right to voice your opinions but you won’t allow non-Muslims to even hold a forum to discuss about their issues or problems.

Islam is a peaceful religion but are we are showing the non-Muslims and the whole world how ‘peaceful’ we are in our conduct?

I bet many Malay-Muslims will never understand the predicament of the non-Muslims in this country because they have never been on the other side neither are they willing to sit down at the same table to discuss matters.

I grew up in a Malay kampung when I was young and I was treated with more respect by the Malay folk even when I was practicing a different faith then. They would come over to my house during the festive seasons to enjoy the feast and they were very much Muslims.

But that has changed now as it is considered to be un-Islamic to visit the house of a non-believer! How sad that some religious bigots have influenced the minds of the Malays over the years.

Non-Muslims will always be skeptical about Islam and Muslims in this country as long as the Malays behave opposite to what is taught by the Quran. It hurts me more to see how the Holy Book has been distorted by some and misunderstood by many.

May I quote Surah Al-Nahl, Ayat 125: ‘Invite (all) to the Way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful discourse; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for the Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.’

To be respected, respect others first and try to understand before being understood. I truly wish the Muslims in Malaysia would take stock of our deeds as we are answerable during Judgment Day. Whatever we do, Allah knows it all.

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The Obama's Family
The 1st Family

On this monumental day in American history, Barack Obama became the first-ever African-American elected President of the United States of America.I cannot even fathom what this means to the African-American community, but the symbolic message of equality and racial transcendence rings loud and clear.In the back of my mind I knew Obama had a fantastic chance of winning; and win he did.

A clear majority of the popular vote and a landslide of electoral votes have made this one of the most important nights in the history of American politics. In fact not only America but the world especially Malaysia which is seento be practicing multi cultural, religion and race.

I wish my country Malaysia and her people would have the same attitude as the Americans have that is EQUALITY AND RACIAL TRANSCENDENCE.

If Obama would have been in Malaysia, I guess, no matter how good a speaker, economist, leader he is, nobody cares. In Malaysia, what is important to some people is the color of the skin. Other then that is NO WAY! That’s the narrow minded thinking of we Malaysians!



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Malaysia for All Malaysian

Malaysia for All Malaysian

Sabah, together with Sarawak and Singapore got their independence through the formation of Malaysia on the 16thSeptember1963. However, Singapore with her farsighted leadership in Mr Lee Kwan Yew pulled out from Malaysia. Though Singapore had no natural resources within her tiny island managed to be a world class country in the region. All these due to the brilliant leadership of Mr Lee KwanYew. They don’t need God given wealth resources to march forward. Unlike Sabah, who was so rich with her God given resources such as oil, timber, nature, and land but sad to see that it is now the poorest state in Malaysia. 

What went wrong?

The leaders?

Sabah leaders, past and present, are somehow the type that are easily taken for a ride. Simply put it in a layman’s word – easily fooled. All one needs is to carry their balls and praise them for the stupid things they did. Just get the federal leaders to walk with them and advertised it in the mass media. They will feel proud and great and thereafter do what you want or ask what you want, they will happily oblige. They don’t give a damn what happen to the state natural resources or the future of the state. They are just too happy to please their federal leaders. They are blinded by egoistic of being in the circle of the top federal leaders of which a simple Anakdesa like me can never have the opportunity to do so.

State Management?

The leaders are too preoccupied with managing the state coffers as if the state coffers is their account. They are only interested in accumulating wealth for themselves, families and cronies. They just don’t give a damn if the projects are good for the state as long as it filled their bank account. There are so many white elephant projects such as the Tembalang course, Likas fountain etc which cost billion of ringgits of the state coffer. While it bleeds the state, a lucky few was running to the bank – laughing. Laughing because they made so much or are they laughing because they have fooled the rakyat once again?

The natural resources?

Definitely a big NO! Sabahwas blessed with so much natural resources but due to greed, mismanagement, kowtowing to federal leaders , most of the natural resources are gone from ‘the land below the wind’.

Joining Malaysia?

Maybe yes..maybe no…Yes if only we have the man like Lee Kwan Yew in our stable. But by the looked of our past and present leaders, there is not one that almost matches the brain of Mr Lee Kwan Yew. Let alone better then him.

Being ‘re-colonised’ after independent?

Though Sabah has been independent from the British on the 16th Sept 1963, it is sad to note that independence Sabah has is more of a ‘recolonisation’ by the KL. It is like the old saying – ‘jumping from the hot pan into the fire’. The central Government has never been sensitive to any grouses made by the rakyat of Sabah. For instance, the hundreds of thousand ‘Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin’ problems. The rakyat had been vocal, asking the federal Government to take concrete action to get rid of all PATI but so far no concrete action had been taken. To hurt and insult the rakyat of Sabah, so-called federal leaders like Datuk Nazri making statement such as ‘the PATI poses no problem to the state..’, and Datuk Hamid Albar with his “During the time of PBS (Parti Bersatu Sabah), they allowed many Filipinos into the country” statement. It is either they are ignorant of the situation in Sabah or they are just plain stupid. These are the kind of so-called leaders that are colonising Sabah with their unfounded remarks, which was seen as belittling the integrity of Sabah rakyat. A simple advise from a simple Anakdesa to these two stooges – please watch out what you say when you come to Sabah. As the old Malay saying..”masuk kendang kambing, mengembek…masuk kendang lembu, mengebu”.

Each time the state leaders voiced out their opinion, they are seen as going against the federal government. The federal only wants to hear what’s music to their ears!

So who or what is to be blame for a once richest state in Malaysia to the poorest state?

This is rather a sad tale of riches to rags. I shed my tears…my sad tears…For me? NO…for the future generation! How long more can we tolerate these kind of treatment from the central government? Another 45 years? Can’t the Sabah leaders say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH now!

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DSAI, Nurul and DSWA

DSAI, Nurul and DSWA

The landslide victory of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the just concluded Permatang Pauh by-election will create a great impact on the Malaysian political scenario.

DSAI of PKR garner a total of 31,195 votes, Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah of BN garner 15,524 votes, while Hanafi Hamat of (Akim) 92 votes. Anwar won by an astounding majority of 15,671 votes. The huge majority proves that DSAI popularity and charisma is still undeniable.

In the 12th general election, Datuk Seri Wan Azizah won the Permatang Pauh by a majority of 13,388 votes. This shows an increase of 2,283 votes for the opposition. If this result is to be taken as a guide, we can conclude that the rakyat had rejected Barisan National. Barisan National went into the fray as an underdog (at least that’s what was mentioned by the DPM in the media) knowing very well that they are not going to win the battle. Their only intention of contesting is because of pride and are only out to reduce the majority margin. If they are able to reduce the majority, it will be seen as a victory for them. A sign that the rakyat still have faith in them in governing the country. But then……..

My personal views and conclusion on the result of the by-election:

1.  Some BN leaders are arrogant and over aggressive in their campaign speeches. Speeches made by KJ went too far as to bury DSAI politically in this by-election is totally not accepted by the Permatang Pauh people especially when it involves their own people. Take a simple scenario, an outsider budged into your house and start saying bad thing about one of your family! What would you feel?;

2.  People now are more educated and they are more concern on how to face with the current economic situation such as the fuel increase and recession. They are not concern on personal matter such as the sodomy case which seems to be the main topic for BN in all their campaign as if there is no other better things to talk about;

3.  Goodies offered during the 10 days campaign such as the fuel price reduction, which was widely seen as a window dressing for the by-election only. The rakyat had their experience during the general election whereby during election time, the government promised no fuel increase until year-end. But it was increased right after the election and due to that they felt cheated. They can’t trust what the  BN government preached or promised; 

4.  The attendance by big guns of BN, who have been rejected during the 12th general election does not help at all. The rakyat perspective of them as being a rejected leaders is still very fresh in their mind. If they are rejected in their own turf, what makes the Permatang Pauh people want to accept or lisent to them;

5.  Yesteryears, media which are controlled by the government played a major role in disseminating propaganda. It is still used now but is rather irrelevant nowadays with the present cybermedia. The rakyat can easily check the truth and cannot be fooled or taken for a ride any more. They will not just blindly swallow anything presented in the mass media;

6.  There is an element of corruption during the election but the rakyat now are more matured. They will take anything offered during election time such as money, financial assistance, allowance etc . But when it comes to voting, they vote their choice. Not necessary the Santa;

7.  BN leadership, especially Umno, never learnt. UMNO has been using highly racial and religious sensitive issues instead of strengthening national unity among the people. Umno tried desperately to whip up racial emotions on the New Economic Policy (NEP), the orchestrating of the student demonstrations at UiTM and Bar Council etc. The BN and Umno are still trapped in the old mindset of racial compartmentalisation of Malaysian politics;

8.  The rakyat has lost their trust in the BN government and it’s leaders;

9.  The rakyat want changes;

10. Malaysia is for all Malaysian regardless of their skin colour, ethnicity and religious affiliation.

To the victorious, I congratulate you! To the losers….what can I say, this is the name of the game in politics. Someone has to be in your shoes.

To the people of Permatang Pauh (PP),  I salute you all! You folks are the People’s Power (PP)! I thank you all for opening the door to a new Malaysia, a country for all Malaysian!

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A New Malaysia is Born

A New Malaysia is Born

Much have been said of Permatang Pauh by-election. Some call it as the ‘mother of all election’, ‘A beginning of a new Malaysia’, ‘ A beginning of the end of BN rule’ etc. It does not really matter what people want to call it as the bottom line is Malaysian in general want changes in Malaysia. This by-election is not about any individual nor any parties…this is about DEMOCRACY, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY.

Malaysia should be for all Malaysian and not just for certain races. Gone were the era of one pioneering for their own race only and along the way in championing for their own race they belittle others. When they are championing their race, they said they are protecting their rights. BUT when others are doing the same, they are questioning their rights and even the keris is being used as a symbol of protest and promote the Ketuanan Melayu or Malay supremacy idealism. 

To me, it does not matter what race, religion or the colour of our skin. The most important thing is that all of us and our forefathers before us, have in their own way, may it big or small, did contributed to the building of a great Malaysian society. Don’t let racist and greed destroy what had been built for the past 45 years of Malaysia.

I believe that treatment and opportunities should be accorded equally to each and every Malaysian with no marginalisation of any ethnic race. The colour of our skin, ethnicity and religious affiliation should not be a factor in Malaysia. Afterall, as I have said earlier… Malaysia land is for all Malaysian, not just for one race.

This beautiful nation of ours needs to be rid of racist, divide and rule politics of BN. UMNO will not change and the other component parties in BN have shown themselves to be helplessly subservient to UMNO. Only after the recent political tsunami and losing so many seats, I notice, some BN component parties started to voice their dissatisfaction towards UMNO. Some Gerakan delegates have now become so daring as to propose that they pull out of BN. SAPP showing their fangs, MCA may pull out of Barisan Nasional if Umno does not shed its “Ketuanan Melayu” policies says vice-president Datuk Ong Tee Keat.

We await the birth of a new Malaysia for all Malaysian!

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Yesterday, while driving my 11 years old niece back from school, she was exited to see some Malaysian flags at some houses along the way. On reaching home, she asked me why aren’t we putting up a flag too as some of the houses. She knew it is because of the “51st Merdeka” celebration as they were generally informed by their teachers in school .

It took me sometimes before I can give her an answer to her question. Deep inside me is whether to tell her the real history or just being like a donkey and follow what they were taught in school. In the end I took the decision to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Sabah did not achieved it’s independence on 31st August 1957 BUT 16Th Sept 1963. Only Malaya at that time achieved their’s from the British. Not Sabah and Sarawak. After that you know lah…strings of questions from my niece that I can hardly see the Olympic in the TV in peace. I would have groan and irritated from the marathon of questions that I have to answer. If she had gone to the Olympic, I guess she would have got herself a gold medal. NO…I did not groan nor irritated over the questions poured out to me. I took the liberty to try to explain and paint in her young mind the true picture about the formation of Malaysia.

Am I wrong and being unpatriotic? Is it wrong to tell the true picture to the youngs about the real history? I believe we shouldn’t distort history and confuse the young people especially the young children of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia.

I am not being unpatriotic but facts is facts. I can’t change history nor anyone in Malaysia or the world. The facts remain no matter what our education policy or system is trying to psyche the mind of our youngs. It is morally and etically wrong! We cannot and should not distort history! But in Malaysia, it seems that the Education Ministry is trying to do just that.

Did I put up a flag in the end or did my niece insisted? No…we did not as I feel that we might be just celebrating it for the sake of celebrating without any significant meaning to the word MERDEKA. One thing for sure we do put up one on 16Th September.

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