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And so the story goes on. The ‘winner’ says ‘Polls not the answer’ whereas the ‘loser’ says ‘fresh election is the answer’. Funny I would say why only these two politicians are talking on how the Silver State uncertainties should be solved. I wonder if the Silver State in owned by these politicians. Both sides are claiming to have the support of the majority of the Perak people. One side might say that they have the majority in the form of number of elected state representatives that is with the 28 BN and the 3 ‘frogs’ who say being friendly to the BN camp. These so-called ’frogs’ are forcing the ‘support’ of their constituencies, whom have actually rejected the BN camp. This is a one man show, who actually betrayed the electorates who voted them as their representative. Betrayed them because of ‘greed’, dissatisfaction, or maybe in exchange of ‘acquittal’ decision on some pending court case. Is this fair to the electorates?

I’ve just came back from the Silver State yesterday and I had the opportunity to talked to some individuals on the street and I noted that they are quite discouraged on what is happening in the Silver State. The political tension, prolong uncertainties in state had affected the state’s economy and unity among the races. To these simple people on the street, who ever the MB does not matter to them but there should be fair-play in choosing the government of their choice and it should be by the majority from the rakyat not in the hand of the individual representatives. Representative are chosen due to their affiliation to a certain political party therefore rightfully if these irresponsible ‘frog’ wish to jump over the drain they should go back to the people who elected them in the first place. They should not take their position as a ‘time deposit’, a term which the present PM often used on Sabah, to withdraw it anytime and enrich themselves. Can it be concluded that being an YB is a road to richness? A position where one can bargain in exchange of monetary gain or ‘acquittal decision’ in favour of themselves? Isn’t this greed, arrogant, ignorant and selfish usual attitude of politicians? As I have often said these attitude will somehow will bring down the party they are affiliated with. To who ever the MB of Perak, go back to the people!


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HOORRRYYY!!! The the government has reduced the cost of fuel. By now the cost has been slashed 50 percent since it was first increased early this year. Is Anakdesa really happy? My answer is “IT DOES NOT MAKE MUCH DIFFERENCE NOW AS THE DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE”

The BIG question now is will prices of basic necessities go down in tandem with the reduction?  Will it undo the inflationary impact that an ordinary person is now facing? Will the cost of a roti canai be cheaper or the size bigger now?

The reduction of the fuel might be something to be happy about for those with vehicles BUT what about the ordinary rakyat without vehicles but yet need to spend to fill their stomach? If the cost of essential goods are not reduced in tandem with the fuel reduction, it means little to poor folks like me.

I have my reservation that prices of essential goods will be reduced as we all know that some greedy companies will take this as an advantage to make more profit. Just look at this as an example – Pan Malaysian Lorry Owners Association president Er Sui See said that while he was happy with the reduced diesel prices, lorry owners still would not be able to absorb the escalating transport charges.


The government hasty decision to increase the fuel price had created inflation in the country. Now can they undo it? Hemmm…I doubt unless of course they list all goods in the country as control item. Otherwise we rakyat can forget to get a cheaper roti canai lahh….This is the one thing that I feel that can not be done in Bolehland!

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Jump Beyond The Comfort Zone

Jump Beyond The Comfort Zone

After reading my article, some people have been asking me on my stance regarding the UiTM issue, whether I am against the idea or am I supporting. Basically I say, in anything we do, there is always the good and a bad side of it. Nothing is completely good nor bad. It all falls back to the mentality of the individual. Take the example of the recent increase of the fuel price in our country. Almost all the rakyat were unhappy and were against the increase. But surprisingly all the BN MPs and maybe a small portion of the rakyat agreed. So I said again here that there is no definite answer to it. It is very subjective matter and it boils down to the individual interpretation, acceptance and the changes that one think might effect their community.

What I am to pen here is totally my personal views and interpretation. Some people will definitely jump and start cursing me on my comments. It does not matter to me as this is a free world. Freedom of speech. I can say anything that comes out from my little grey cells and nothing can stop me. Afterall, I am just a simple minded anakdesa. I am no politician and I don’t care a damn about politicians as they are nothing but opportunists. Curse as much as you like but that will not change my stance on what I believe and stand for. For those of you who share my view, I thank you. For the undecided….give it a thought…with your mind and not with your feelings!

When Tun Mahathir allowed a 10% quota for non-bumiputra into MRSM, no street procession, no demand for Tun to retract the decision, no everything. Everyone accepted the decision even though it involved  a Mara school, which is meant for bumiputras. WHY? Is it because it was Tun Mahathir that decided it or was it at that time the Government was in total control. Maybe it was because that the decision was from the Government?

My question here is, what would had happened if it was the Government of the day that proposed UiTM be opened to non-bumiputra? Will the students take to the streets? Or will they just keep quite as what happened when Tun Mahathir opened MRSM to non-bumiputra?

I view that the proposal for a mere 10% quota for international and non-Bumiputra students in UiTM, had been blown out of proportion by certain quarters for their political mileage. A university is an institution of higher education and it is damn unfortunate that some political party took that opportunity to politicised it. I am just too disappointed and saddened that some leaders have chose to politicise education for their political mileage…. We bumiputra should see the positive side of the idea, with our little grey cells and not with our feelings but it seems that we have become ‘pak turut’ only. Students are directed to go under the hot sun to protest in the name of Malays’ special rights. Racist sentiment was used to gain the people and students’ support. For what? For their own political propaganda. 

We bumiputra should now jump across the comfort zone of being protected too much by the government. How can the nation achieve it’s 2020 vision if the bumiputras don’t open their mind to globalisation. We can’t forever be under the ‘tempurung’ hoping to be fed by the government all the time. 

The bumiputras have been pampered too much for too long and have not been able to jump out of the ‘tempurung’ as yet, I guess. They can’t accept challenges from non-bumiputra. That is why, todate not one bumiputra can manage to enter the top 10 riches men in Asia! Bumiputra failed because they are pampered too much. The Government under Tun Mahathir did so much for the bumiputra during his time as PM but did anyone succeeded? NONE! Some manage to step forward a few steps but arrogant and greed ‘broke’ them and they came tumbling down like humpy-dumpy. One bumiputra entrepreneur after being over pampered had all the guts to purchased a million over ringgit painting just to decorate his office at the expense of a government purse. This is what I meant when I said greed and arrogant that causes humpy-dumpy to fall. As the saying goes…anything that comes easy, will go easily. Just like the Oreo biscuits..now you see it..now you don’t! 🙂

As I have said earlier in my article  that it would be interesting to ask UiTM Vice Counselor, Prof. Datuk Seri Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shah whether such proposal had ever been discussed by the UiTM board or anyone else before this. Here’s a so-called learned person contemplating to take legal action against Selangor MB. I wonder what is his action for doing so. Is he being acting dumb or is it just a ‘tin kosong’ talk! My earlier statement that this matter was a stale news altogether does hold water afterall.

Today, MCA Vice-President Datuk Ong Tee Keat said UiTm has in recent years been recruiting foreign students…..  He was the then Deputy Higher Education Minister. ( For more… read here )

UPDATED 19/8/2008 – Anwar Ibrahim in his press conference mentioned that Dr Mahathir had in fact proposed the opening of UiTM to non-bumiputra in 2002. ( For More…hear here ) 

Now…now…now…what’s all this?  Enough is enough…I’m confused by these people! Are we rakyat being taken for a ride again for political purposes? Here we are having people like the VC having no knowledge of such talk and implementation? Then his previous deputy minister say “already started”. Is the VC a puppet of someone higher up? Is this kind of people ‘layak’ to sit there? Is he trying to be a hero in the eyes of the government? Come on lahh… VC use your little grey cells in that little head of yours and not that big knee cap head!  Just play your role as an academician and not politician. Let the Government do their work. For you just stay under the ‘tempurung’ until another tsunami hits Malaysian politic that will eventually wash you away..floating.

But the funniest part of all this saga, is our dear PM who was not aware of such decision! Hemmm….!!??

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KUALA LUMPUR : RM99.71 per month as pension after serving the army for 16 years.

That is how much a paralysed former lance corporal is paid after being medically boarded out about 16 years ago.

To make matters worse, he only received his first cheque on May 12 this year, 16 years after being “retired” from the Armed Forces.

Lance corporal Maruf Ahmad, 58, is seeking not only justice but also answers as to why he has not received a proper pension.

It all began on a fateful day in 1991. After finishing night duty from 6pm to 6am at his last post at the Batu Kentomen Camp, Jalan Ipoh, Maruf was ordered to return to his barracks, change and return to work at 9am the same day.
While in the shower he slipped and injured his back. He lost the use of his legs and is paralysed from the waist down and partially paralysed in his right arm.

He was diagnosed by the orthopedic clinic of Kinrara Hospital and transferred to Kuala Lumpur Hospital, where he has been receiving treatment since 1992.

Maruf, who joined the army in 1976, was recruited under the military police corps and served for 16 years in many camps here and in Sarawak.

The father of 10 has been relying on his hard-working wife, who toils in a factory in Sungei Way and is the family’s sole breadwinner.

A recent visit by Teratai state assemblyman Jenice Lee saw Maruf alone in his low-cost flat in Pandan Perdana awaiting the return of his wife, Rebeiah Abd Aziz, who would bring back his daily meal after work.

He said: “It is a gross miscarriage of justice for me to receive the amount which was calculated based on the pre-Merdeka ordinance known as The Malay Regiment and The Federation Regiment (Retired Pay, Penchants, Gratuity and Other Grants) Regulation 1952.

According to the letter which enclosed the cheque dated May 12 from the Ministry of Defence, the amount of RM99.71 was calculated based on his allowance for permanent disability and loss of limbs, wife and child support, pension and additional cost of living.

“It is ridiculous and an insult to me to receive such an amount after performing my patriotic duty for so long.”

He visited the veterans section of the pension department to return the cheque two weeks ago but it was not accepted. When he queried the officers as to why he was not paid for over 16 years, they told him that his records of service was lost.

“What has happened to my pension since 1992, the year I was medically boarded out, and what is a regulation dating back to 1952, before Independence, doing on my case?”

These are the questions that plagued Maruf. And till today his only answer is the cheque for the meager sum.

“After making numerous appeals to the army and the pension department, my only avenue would be to seek justice in court as I have nowhere else to turn to. I will find the money for a lawyer somehow,” he said.

Lee said cases like this reflected badly on government policy.

“This is not a charity case and Maruf deserves his right to live and support a family based on present cost of living,” she said. ( The New Straits Times Online )

AnakDesa – It breaks my heart to read this story. An innocence man penalised for 16 years and humiliated just because of improper record management by MINDEF. What happen to the Government? Where is the minister of Defence?  RM99.71 per month at the present cost of living? This is really inhumane attitude of the MINDEF. I guess they are too busy thinking what else to buy for the MINDEF and how to make more commission for themselves or cronies. But for a poor and helpless man like En Maruf nobody in the MINDEF seems to care at all. Is this the way the MINDEF take care of their staff?

Aiyaa…come on lah my friends in MINDEF, please use your little grey nuts that’s stuck in your head to at least think if you can survive with a RM99.71 a month. What happen to the arrears on the years unpaid. Interest on interest, dividend, bonus etc.

Records of service was lost? No wonder C4 can be taken out and used without any trace even though how important and dangerous the item is. What more a record of a serving army, who is of no more use to the MINDEF. Is the lost of records of service the final account to determine the service. Can’t MINDEF take the hospital record, the declaration of his previous superior as a prove that he had served in the army? Is it right for MINDEF to penalise and humiliate a disable army for they own mistake of losing the records? If that is the case, may as well delete all records of retired armies and at least the MINDEF will save millions if not billions of ringgits in pensions and use the fund to purchase more submarines and jet-planes. At least someone will get more commission out of the purchases. What are retired armies for anyway…they are already old and can serve the nation no more.

If they can do that and can save more money for the nation and for more commission for some selected people, I think it should be extended to all retired MPs and ministers too.

I invite readers to imagine how if feels to be in this man shoe! How the wife felt all the years that she had to suffer to raised their children and looked after her husband. In all her sufferings, where are the MINDEF personnel? They are left to fend for themselves just because some MINDEF personnel are busy with “commission” and don’t bother with the suffering of this man and his family.

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After the Malaysian general election on March 8, 2008, we heard people from all walks of life talking about “Political Tsunami” and it has been going on ever since.

Malaysia had a surprise election result, the Barisan Nasional dropped down from its overwhelming control of Parliament to a simple majority. Additionally, the alliance was voted out in five important states. The results have brought into the open the strong discontent among the ethnic minorities – the Chinese and Indians as well a loss of support among the Malays.

The rakyat has been asking “WHY”. A once mighty giant (BN) swept by the tsunami political wave and ended up like a limping cow.  In this election, it won just 51% of the votes; and 63% of parliamentary seats. This was its worst performance ever in Malaysia’s 50 years of independence, and crucially, for the first time since 1969, the BN lost the two-thirds majority in parliament it needs to amend the constitution.

If we care to notice, all  great empires or government in the world will have its share of time. All of them have had their great times and  as history has proven it, there will be a time that their supremcy ends.

So, is this the beginning of the end of the once mighty BN? Will there be changes in the political scenario in Malaysia after 50 years?  Is this the time? It seems that there are so many questions dangling around ever since the March 8, 2008 election.

As I have said earlier, the BN has been in power for the past 50 years and no change of government has ever taken place. So I don’t have the liberty to compare between a good government and a bad government in terms of BN governance. They are everything from good to bad. From bad to worst.

In this article, I would like to talk on all the governments in Sabah. Why Sabah? Well because I am from Sabah and I have tasted and went through all kind of government ever since Sabah got its independent from the British. And foremost because Sabah has the most number of government changed and the most numbers of Chief Ministers in the history of Malaysia. Though how much I, being a Sabahan, hated and ashamed to admit it, one can not erease the truth. It will forever be in the histroy of Sabah!

A very brief history on the changes of Sabah Government
– UNKO government was the first party to rule Sabah in 1963. At that time the late Tun Mustapha, who was the Head of State, wasn’t too happy with his limited role in the Government. So he orchestrated to remove UNKO and meanwhile had SCA to fill in the shoe as the Government. USNO took over from SCA as the Government. Meanwhile UNKO was disbanded. Unhappy with the rampant abuse of power and corruption by USNO, Berjaya party was formed to overthrow the USNO Government. Berjaya Government was then overthrown by the PBS party largely due to the iron-fist rule by the then CM and allegation of corruption by his cronies. PBS quit BN on the eve of 1994 general election, incurred the wreath by some of its ADUN becoming ‘frogs’. These ‘frogs’ joined BN and due to that BN has ruled Sabah state till today. Within the short span ( 15 years) of BN in power in Sabah, there are 7 chief ministers rotated within the BN coalition. Another history for Sabah! This rotation of chief ministers was mooted by the then Prime Minister. Personally, I would say that the rotation of CM is an insult to Sabahans and was indirectly implicating that Sabahans are crazy of power. Everyone wanted to be a CM! So give lah…each party ( UMNO, SAPP, PDS, LDP ) 2 years!

I came to this world, a ‘stage’ for actors as our real world is yet to come for all of us who are still alive now, before the Malaysia Day Sept 16, 1963. UNKO didn’t have the time to prove itself in governing the state. USNO in the first few years was good but towards the end they became ARROGANT. The CM wanted to become a sultan and fall out of favour with the federal government. With the help of the central government  Berjaya party took over. Because of  ARROGANT  CRONYISM and CORRUPTION they too were humbly shown the way out. PBS has its share of CORRUPTIONCRONYISM and of course ‘FROGS’ that brought them down. And now the BN Government though CORRUPTION and CRONYISM exist but due to the helping hand of RACIST DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY ONE-SIDED MEDIA and the infamous ‘PROJECT I/C’ they are still in power.

Generally, governments are cast out from office primarily due to  CORRUPTIONCRONYISM, RACIST, FAVOURITISM AND ARROGANT

Is there actually any good Government?  Yes all governments are good but only in the first few years in power. A good governance is the process whereby public institutions conduct public affairs, manage public resources and guarantee the realisation of human rights essentially free of abuse and corruption, and with due regard for the rule of law.
Bad government? ALL!!  There will to be  ARROGANT, RACIST, CORRUPTION,  FAVOURITISM and CRONYISM  act after being in power too long. It’s the greedy human nature that once they are in power they tend to sweep all the state riches into their bank account. Tell me of one soul in Malaysia who has been in power that is not rich??? Do you think that their salary of being a minister or MP or ADUN for just a few years can really buy them those millions ringgits bungalows? 
A party being in power too long is not healthy. The so-called leaders of the day, will forget in what they stand for in the first place – to get rid of a bad government! In time, they too joined the bandwagon of bad governments. 
I don’t believe in being patriotic to any one party in the name of my race or religion. Being patriotic to the your race, religion and country..YES. But not to certain party or individual. Especially if the party or government has diverted from its duty of being a good government. A government for all Malaysian irrespective of their colours or religions and essentially free of abuse and corruption.
Simply said – Don’t let a single government stay in power too long!

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