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DSAI, Nurul and DSWA

DSAI, Nurul and DSWA

The landslide victory of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the just concluded Permatang Pauh by-election will create a great impact on the Malaysian political scenario.

DSAI of PKR garner a total of 31,195 votes, Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah of BN garner 15,524 votes, while Hanafi Hamat of (Akim) 92 votes. Anwar won by an astounding majority of 15,671 votes. The huge majority proves that DSAI popularity and charisma is still undeniable.

In the 12th general election, Datuk Seri Wan Azizah won the Permatang Pauh by a majority of 13,388 votes. This shows an increase of 2,283 votes for the opposition. If this result is to be taken as a guide, we can conclude that the rakyat had rejected Barisan National. Barisan National went into the fray as an underdog (at least that’s what was mentioned by the DPM in the media) knowing very well that they are not going to win the battle. Their only intention of contesting is because of pride and are only out to reduce the majority margin. If they are able to reduce the majority, it will be seen as a victory for them. A sign that the rakyat still have faith in them in governing the country. But then……..

My personal views and conclusion on the result of the by-election:

1.  Some BN leaders are arrogant and over aggressive in their campaign speeches. Speeches made by KJ went too far as to bury DSAI politically in this by-election is totally not accepted by the Permatang Pauh people especially when it involves their own people. Take a simple scenario, an outsider budged into your house and start saying bad thing about one of your family! What would you feel?;

2.  People now are more educated and they are more concern on how to face with the current economic situation such as the fuel increase and recession. They are not concern on personal matter such as the sodomy case which seems to be the main topic for BN in all their campaign as if there is no other better things to talk about;

3.  Goodies offered during the 10 days campaign such as the fuel price reduction, which was widely seen as a window dressing for the by-election only. The rakyat had their experience during the general election whereby during election time, the government promised no fuel increase until year-end. But it was increased right after the election and due to that they felt cheated. They can’t trust what the  BN government preached or promised; 

4.  The attendance by big guns of BN, who have been rejected during the 12th general election does not help at all. The rakyat perspective of them as being a rejected leaders is still very fresh in their mind. If they are rejected in their own turf, what makes the Permatang Pauh people want to accept or lisent to them;

5.  Yesteryears, media which are controlled by the government played a major role in disseminating propaganda. It is still used now but is rather irrelevant nowadays with the present cybermedia. The rakyat can easily check the truth and cannot be fooled or taken for a ride any more. They will not just blindly swallow anything presented in the mass media;

6.  There is an element of corruption during the election but the rakyat now are more matured. They will take anything offered during election time such as money, financial assistance, allowance etc . But when it comes to voting, they vote their choice. Not necessary the Santa;

7.  BN leadership, especially Umno, never learnt. UMNO has been using highly racial and religious sensitive issues instead of strengthening national unity among the people. Umno tried desperately to whip up racial emotions on the New Economic Policy (NEP), the orchestrating of the student demonstrations at UiTM and Bar Council etc. The BN and Umno are still trapped in the old mindset of racial compartmentalisation of Malaysian politics;

8.  The rakyat has lost their trust in the BN government and it’s leaders;

9.  The rakyat want changes;

10. Malaysia is for all Malaysian regardless of their skin colour, ethnicity and religious affiliation.

To the victorious, I congratulate you! To the losers….what can I say, this is the name of the game in politics. Someone has to be in your shoes.

To the people of Permatang Pauh (PP),  I salute you all! You folks are the People’s Power (PP)! I thank you all for opening the door to a new Malaysia, a country for all Malaysian!


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KUALA TERENGGANU, Aug 10 — Saying he did not want anyone like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim “who stabbed him in the back” as Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said yesterday he would rather migrate if the former deputy prime minister succeeds in toppling the Barisan Nasionalgovernment.

“If he comes Prime Minister, I will get out of the country. Give everything to him,” Utusan Malaysia quoted the former prime minister’s reply to a question at the Current Challenges for Malays forum here.

However, the acerbic Dr Mahathir was confident that Anwar will not become Prime Minister by September 16 although he was sure his former protégé would be victorious in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election this Aug 26.

He said Anwar was greedy enough for support that he would forsake the special privileges for his own race to cooperate with the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) which is filled with racism.

AnakDesaThis world is a free world. One can go anywhere one wishes to as long as they have the money. If you are damn rich, any country awaits you. So many leaders migrated after they fallout with their own people. Marcos Ferdinand, Adi Amin, Alberto Fujimori, the latest Thaksin. Did their country shed tears for them? This time whatever tears lahhh…Did their country collapse? Or have the countries prosper further after their departure? Did the migration did good for the country or otherwise?

With due respect to Tun Dr. Mahathir, I can’t and will not denied that Malaysia did prosper in his time as PM. His policies of economic liberalisation and his vision for the nation’s future as a fully-developed industrial country by the year 2020, which I must admit, is every Malaysian’s dream and also all the 3rd world countries in the world. All the mega projects such as Twin Tower, Sepang F1 etc. have magnified Malaysia to the world. Being vocal and outspoken, Tun Dr. Mahathir made a lot of leaders around the world to appreciate him (especially the developing countries) but at the same time others hated him for some of his remarks.

Every man in the world have their “good and bad” in the eyes of every people. No one is perfect in this world! Even DSAI has his share of this. So are Pak Lah, Najib and all the Malaysian leaders for that matter. It is only a matter of whether the rakyat could tolerate (not accept!) their bad side. For the good side, of course, everyone can accept lah…no question about that!

Back to the main topic about Dr M wanting to migrate if DSAI becomes the PM. Would I shed tears as I did for Rafidah Aziz? Would I care if Dr M migrates? Would it be a loss to the country? Will the country collapse? Well, for sure, I wouldn’t want to waste my tears for him if he does migrate. It is his right to do so. It is his choice and no one forces him to, not DSAI, Pak Lah, Najib, me or you. Even during his tenure as PM, in fact there are a lot of rakyat who migrated to other parts of the world. No one shed tears for them either. In fact some of those migrated that I knew are very happy with their present life now. So why waste tears!

To Dr. M, go where ever you want to and do what ever you want to. Just don’t politicise it to get sympathy from the rakyat. ( That reminds me of a song sung by Madonna – Don’t cry for me Argentina )

By the way…today is my birthday lah…anybody care to shed tears for me..? Cos’ I am, what people used to say…a step nearer to meet my Creator!

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KUALA LUMPUR : Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court Thursday to a charge of sodomising his former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23.

He was accused of committing the offence under Section 377B of the Penal Code between 3.01pm and 4.30pm in unit 11-5-1 of the Desa Damansara Condominium at 99, Jalan Setia Kasih, Bukit Damansara on June 26 2008.

If found guilty, offenders under the charge of “carnal intercourse against the order of nature”, can be punished of up to 20 years’ in jail.

“This is a malicious slander, I’m not guilty,” Anwar, 61, said when the charged was read to him. ( For More…. )

Am I surprised that DSAI was charged today for sodomy the second time? Today I shed tears again..not the happy tears I did for Rafidah but this time sad tears! Sad tears for DSAI..? No lah….Not a drop for him because I know deep within me this nothing more then a fabrication, where laws were used to suppress dissent and legitimate political and democratic challenge  to the BN government. I believe that, if there is a fair trail and  there is no hidden hands instructing/directing the judiciary, I am sure that the prosecution has got nothing on this case. Some people are really shivering ever since the March tsunami because they know that if ever DSAI comes to power, it will be end of them. They know that their corruption files are in the K.I.V. cabinet of the ACA. This is the tools that the PM managed to keep their support for him. I can still remember when DSAI became the acting PM 10 years back, he took out all the files from the ACA. It was because of that the keparat (oops! wrong spelling…should be corporate) figures framed DSAI at that time. Now that he is heading towards Putrajaya…I guess the same devils have arosed from their graves to recarnate the same charges for they know there are no other crimes of  DSAI that they can find.

Anyway, back to my tears…if I didn’t cry for DSAI..then what? JUSTICES… the rule of law and a judiciary of independence, impartiality, integrity and meritocracy. I remember the first time DSAI was charged and brought into court with Augustine Paul as the learned judge. I am no lawyer (lawyer kampung adalah) but I can still see the one sided ruling. Evidences purged, objections by defence overruled, charges kept changing just to kowtow the prosecutions and to ensured that the bottemline verdict goes against DSAI.

I am pretty sure that the  Sodomy 2 trial will be just the same as the first one. That’s because the judiciary systems has not reform as the PM puts it. He was very sure and I guess he is quite happy about it as for now. At least the CJ, the highest court, judges can be directed as in the making of movies. The actors just have to follow the scripts given and give a damn whether it makes a boxoffice show or not. Afterall what’s important is, they are paid the amount contracted. So comes Sept 10, 2008, I guess all the 6 actors (or maybe the 5 only) from the correct,correct,correct movie industry will start their action to ensure that they get their revenge on DSAI. Afterall they are the best actors of the century in Malaysia.

With a questionable police force ( my apology, only some of the high ranking officers) and judiciary systems, I wonder where can we get JUSTICES? From the Executives? Maybe but only if you fit in their agenda to be in power forever or you have your arse for sale.

We need changes, we need to revamp the whole systems in Malaysia in order that our domestic and international reputation be restored. We need to get rid of corrupted leaders and restore a just government for all Malaysian regardless of their race and beliefs. A GOVERNMENT FOR ALL MALAYSIAN!

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SEBERANG PERAI (Aug 4, 2008): A 25-year-old female press photographer was roughed up by some PKR officials while attempting to take pictures of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a ceramahhere on last night.

Loh Hoay Hoon of Guang Ming Daily was punched, kicked and held by the neck in the event at the Seberang Jaya expo grounds here. ( For More…Read Here )

Anakdesa – This should not had happened!  PKR state secretary Abdul Malek Abul Kassim explanation that most party officials who act as guards were PKR members and not trained professionals hold no water. This is not a matter of not being professionals or not but being human the personnel concern shouldn’t have acted like a barbarian. I understand that the safety of DSAI is important but to assault a media personnel is equally ‘killing’ him politically. As we all know the media plays an important role to disseminate correct information and pictures to the public. What happened here will do more harm to PKR then good! So to the PKR state secretary….please educate your machais before any further damage is done to PKR in the eyes of the rakyat. Action should be taken against these ass-hole barbarians. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

The BN machinery will take advantage on this and tell the rakyat the kind of people PKR are , though I believe that it is only a handful of barbarians that are acting like that! These are the type of people that will cause the downfall of DSAI.  Thanks but no thanks to these  barbarians. To these barbarians….you are not needed. Please step aside. We don’t want barbarians at the doorsteps to a new Malaysia!

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