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Once again Sabah is the focus of all UMNO and MCA leaders these days. Some are talking about the 9MP additional 1 billions of ringgit allocation for Sabah & Sarawak. Some are demanding that their sole representative be made DCM. Isn’t that to be proud of to have so many VVIPs visting!

Tan Sri Muhamad Muhd Taib  is heard singing the same old song again – “projects will be implemented by January 2009 at the latest”, ” only BN can bring development to the people….”, “opposition cannot do anything”, “the people must continue giving their support to the BN…”  etc, etc…No other songs kah?

Oh gosh…when are these kind of leaders grow-up and learn? Or have they over-grown and should be at the old folks home – retiring. Mark my words, come January 2009, this minister will have an amnesia that he forgot what he had promised – good clean water, good road and so forth. Most part of Nabawan, though had been under the government of the day for the last 45 years is still “enjoying” water from the river and the Divine.

The action of these leaders, who are the production of the pre-Malaysia day, are totally obsolete. As I have said in my previous articles, don’t take the people for a ride. Gone were the days when we were taken in with promises – empty promises! People are now brilliant and not easily fooled anymore, may they be from the urban or rural area.

Likewise, our friend from MCA, Donald Lim came to Sabah arrogantly demand for more seats and that the DCM post should be given to them. This so-called brilliant leader is questioning the prerogative of the CM. Indirectly of course, he is telling the CM’s choice is not right!

Being just a simple anakdesa, I ask myself, why are these so-called leaders trying to fool the people over and over again?



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