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I came across this article by one Muhammad Abdullah which was published by Malaysiakini. After reading the article, I realised that what Muhammad Abdullah had written was absolutely true. It seems that he shared the same ideology as Raja Petra Kamaruddin. I’m taking the opportunity here to republish the article to be shared with all Malaysian. Give it a thought……with an open mind! TRY not to be too racist!

Muhammad Abdullah | Oct 7, 08 4:42pm (Malaysiakini)

It’s funny now when I recollect my experience as a new convert to Islam. I was told by the ustaz whom performed the ceremony:‘Do not follow the Malays but follow the Quran’. I did not understand then what it meant and I brushed aside his advice at that time in ignorance.

After looking at the events that are unfolding in Malaysia, I am beginning to understand what the ustaz meant. In Malaysia, it is a fallacy that Malays equal Islam as what is being practiced by the Malays is not what is propagated by the Prophet (pbuh) or according to the Quran. I am not saying that there aren’t any following the teachings, as I know many who do.

The more I read the Quran, the more I understand how it is being practiced here. Raja Petra Kamaruddin wrote: ‘My god is different from your god’ in ‘Malaysia Today’ on how he viewed Islam as being practiced by some in Malaysia.

I am in the position to understand better how the non-Muslims are feeling about the Malays and Islam at large as far as Malaysia is concerned. They are not against Islam but they are against discrimination and falsehood being practiced as Islamic in Malaysia.

A Malay-Muslim in Malaysia can say anything and everything about the non-Muslim and it is totally acceptable but not so for non-Muslims as they can’t even hold a forum to discuss about conversion to Islam as it is presumed a crime against Islam.

They feel that the non-Muslims are challenging Islam or even more so the Malays. If this isn’t double standards than what is? If you are a Malay-Muslim, you have every right to voice your opinions but you won’t allow non-Muslims to even hold a forum to discuss about their issues or problems.

Islam is a peaceful religion but are we are showing the non-Muslims and the whole world how ‘peaceful’ we are in our conduct?

I bet many Malay-Muslims will never understand the predicament of the non-Muslims in this country because they have never been on the other side neither are they willing to sit down at the same table to discuss matters.

I grew up in a Malay kampung when I was young and I was treated with more respect by the Malay folk even when I was practicing a different faith then. They would come over to my house during the festive seasons to enjoy the feast and they were very much Muslims.

But that has changed now as it is considered to be un-Islamic to visit the house of a non-believer! How sad that some religious bigots have influenced the minds of the Malays over the years.

Non-Muslims will always be skeptical about Islam and Muslims in this country as long as the Malays behave opposite to what is taught by the Quran. It hurts me more to see how the Holy Book has been distorted by some and misunderstood by many.

May I quote Surah Al-Nahl, Ayat 125: ‘Invite (all) to the Way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful discourse; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for the Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.’

To be respected, respect others first and try to understand before being understood. I truly wish the Muslims in Malaysia would take stock of our deeds as we are answerable during Judgment Day. Whatever we do, Allah knows it all.


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A Somali girl who said she had been raped has been stoned to death in Somalia after being accused of adultery, a human rights group has said.

Amnesty International said in a press release on Friday that the victim, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, had been 13 years old – not 23 as earlier reports had suggested. 

Duhulow was stoned to death on October 27 by dozens of men in a stadium packed with 1,000 spectators in the southern port city of Kismayo, Amnesty International and Somali media reported, citing witnesses. 
The armed group in charge of Kismayo had accused her of adultery after she reported that three men had raped her, Amnesty said.
“This child suffered a horrendous death at the behest of the armed opposition groups who currently control Kismayo,” David Copeman, Amnesty International’s Somalia campaigner, said in a statement. Initial local media reports said Duhulow was 23, but her father told Amnesty International she was 13.The Islamic Courts took control of much of Somalia in 2006, triggering an intervention by neighbouring Ethiopia, which propped up the UN-backed transitional government and ousted the movement.  



It’s difficult to even imagine a stadium packed with spectators to witness the stoning to death of a 13-year-old rape victim. It’s even more difficult to accept the fact there’s so little we can do.

Is this what their God The Almighty taught His followers through His Prophet, to stone a helpless child? Are those people that stoned the child sinless, so much so that they are free to kill another human being? Where is the LOVE, COMPASSIONATE, FORGIVENESS that God teaches mankind?

Such a shocking and disgusting act of some people. A barbaric act I would say. This is cruel, insane and inhumane work of a beast! 

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PUTRAJAYA ( Aug 5, 2008 ) : The Court of Appeal today dismissed an appeal by a woman against a High Court’s refusal to allow her application for a declaration that she had the right to renounce Islam and embrace Christianity. ( For more …Read here )

Do the Court or any Tom, Dick and Harry in the world have the right to force anyone to remain in any religion that he/she does not believe or practices in life? Is the a Court or anyone, in this world for that matter, can be GOD of their religion?

What is religion in the first place?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – A religion is a set of beliefs and practices, often centered upon specific supernatural and moral claims about reality, the cosmos, and human nature, and often codified as prayer, ritual, or religious law. Religion also encompasses ancestral or cultural traditions, writings, history, and mythology, as well as personal faith and religious experience. The term “religion” refers to both the personal practices related to communal faith and to group rituals and communication stemming from shared conviction.

It is a set of beliefs and practices….so if anyone does not believe or practice any religion can it be enforced on them?  Can we still acknowledge them as a follower of that religion even if they have publicly and openly confess that they no longer believe in a particular religion? Anyway, why should anyone confess to another creature in the first place? Religion is not from men but from God the Almighty. Therefore rightfully any men who wants to embrace or renounce any religion should confess to God the Almighty and not to another men or court who are also sinners and hypocrite. I am not a very religious guy (can anyone dare to claim so) but I am not against any religion in this world as I personally believe that every religion is good. No religion is bad or preaches/teaches hate, murder, rape, steal etc. But rather the opposite, to love one another as we are all human beings, the creation of God.

All religions in the world preaches about love and tolerances in their Holy Book:

Islam:  “Not one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself” Muhammad, Fourth Hadith of an-Nawawi 13.

Christianity: “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” – Matthew 7:12, Holy Bible.

Buddhism: “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful. – Udana-Varga 5:18

Hinduism: One should not behave towards others in a way which is disagreeable to oneself.” – Mencius Vii.A.4

Judaism: “…thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” – Leviticus 19:18

Sikhism: “Don’t create enmity with anyone as God is within everyone.” – Guru Arjan Devji 259

Bahá’í Faith: “Ascribe not to any soul that which thou wouldst not have ascribed to thee, and say not that which thou doest not.” “Blessed is he who preferreth his brother before himself.” – Baha’u’llah

But WHY do men in this world try to advocate that their religion is better then the other? Thus causing provocation amongst men, the beautiful creature created by God? Why can’t men live in this world guided by the Holy book of they own beliefs and live happily.

In fact as I have mentioned earlier, all the Holy Books are for love and tolerance among men. But some men are the devil themselves who translated the Holy Books for their own worldly agenda and to fulfill their own agenda. It is the human’s translation of their Holy Book that creates disharmony , disrespect and disaster in this world. The so-called leaders of our community. Be they the presidents, PM, heads of religious sect, heads of departments or agencies, judges, prosecutors and so-forth.

Why do men have to answer to another men for their beliefs and practices. Religion is between the individual and their God and not to another men who are also sinners. It’s just like the pot calling the kettle black.

I personally believe that human are free to choose which religion they wish to believe and practice. Afterall he/she is the only one that will face the final judgement in ‘akhirat’ for their acts in this world. Not you or me or the court judges for that matter.

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