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The Malaysian Insider, IPOH, May 26 — Despite the arrest of five workers and the police “takeover” of the tent where the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) hunger strike was to take place, the three-day hunger strike has been launched by ousted Perak mentri besar Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin. Earlier, the light strike force officers moved in at 7am, arresting two local and three Burmese workers from an event management company who were putting up the tent and a giant balloon. The balloon was also confiscated. The officers then occupied the tent to block PR from continuing with their fast, which was meant to be part of a move to press for fresh Perak state elections. As at 9.30am, the riot police were still under the tent just outside the DAP headquarters here and having breakfast. A total of 40 policemen, two jeeps, four police cars, two vans and seven trucks were seen in the area. Police tried to remove the tent at one point but DAP’s Ngeh Koo Ham negotiated with them. The police said the tent was an illegal structure but the DAP members present pleaded with them “not to take sides”, saying there were many other illegal structures in the town. In the end, the police stood down and allowed the launch to take place.

Really unfair…..those arrested are just doing their job for an event management company. They are just a few innocent labourers earning to put bread and butter on the table for their families. WHY ARREST THEM??

Will not this kind of action backlashed  the government. This I’m sure will make our fellow citizens in Perak angrier. The police seems to put fear among the people but what irk me is the double-standard in carrying out their duties. While  Khairy Jamaluddin a.k.a  KJ could demonstrate with impunity, those outside BN are arrested over anything.


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Kota Kinabalu: Both Sabah Barisan Nasional and opposition leaders Tuesday questioned the current registration of “stateless people” at National Registration Department offices statewide that would enable them to obtain the green MyKad.

They feared that the document would end up not in the hands of “stateless” locals in the interior but to foreigners who may be armed with birth certs issued by hospitals in Sabah.

They said the Federal Government’s decision to issue the green MyKad should have been explained fully to the people before the NRD went ahead. ( The Daily Express )

Is this part of the so-called massive operation to flush out illegal immigrants which is costing the Government RM50 million? This is not flushing out but sucking in by those suckers in the Government!

I urge the people of Sabah especially the local political leaders of all parties to visit the National Registration Department offices statewide and see for yourself who are the people that are congesting the NRD office. You leaders must be blind, stupid, arrogant, selfish if you say that the majority queuing to inquire about the green card in the NRD offices are locals. Our local Sabahans must be exceptionally brilliant or have been magically transformed overnight so much so that they have now become tagalog/bisaya/ speaking citizens. One can see and hear them conversing at the NRD offices not in any local dialects but of foreign dialects.


With the exception of YB Donald Mojuntin, where are the other so-called leaders especially from UMNO? Their lips must be sealed by the central Government or by their position. Leaders like Datuk Pairin, Datuk Maximus Ongkili, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, Datuk Yong TeckLee etc who at one time or another has been so vocal on this issue? Then again I can understand Datuk Yong TeckLee’s position at the moment and where he stands so I will excuse him in my bombarding of local leaders for now. BUT the rest? I don’t and can’t accept any excuses other then them going against the proposal of issuing the green card to foreigners who may be armed with birth certs issued by hospitals in Sabah. We the Sabah people have had enough of being fooled by you politicians!

As for the Umno leaders who have been very very silence regarding “Project I/Cs” and illegal immigrants as of todate…what can I say of you people! Naturally only a fool like Anakdesa would make noise as it does not benefit him having all these illegals around! But the voice of one Anakdesa will not make much impact, that I do understand but I’m fulfilling my obligations to my future generations and wouldn’t want them to think that their forefather didn’t do anything to make this world a better place for them.

What we don’t want is this exercise further aggravating the perception among the genuine Sabah populace that it is easier for illegals to obtain identity documents than for locals to do so,” he said.

No doubt about this, it is easier for the illegals to obtain I/Cs in Sabah compared to the locals. Maybe the locals are too poor to “buy” the documents from these NRD officers. Speaking about NRD officers, money and illegals, it bring back memory, the case of a few NRD officers caught selling I/Cs last year by the ACA. Todate these officers have not been charged and the case has been swept under the carpet once again by the authority. The Government or for that matter the AG, a Sabahan by virture, are condoning to treason. Tan Sri Gani Patail in not taking action on these traitors is in fact portraying himself a traitor to the Sabah people in particular and Malaysia in general. It is sad to have a Sabahan/Malaysian as this!

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oilrigTan Sri Bernard Dompok who was unhappy with the Federal Government’s decision to give Petronas the go-ahead to build the 500km gas pipeline project from Kimanis, Sabah to Bintulu, Sarawak has been conveniently convinced by the Federal Government. The Federal Government had agreed to built a full-fledged petrochemical plant in Kimanis and that only excess gas would be exported to Bintulu! Read here, here, here, here, here and here comments which I felt some are just plain stupid while some views do have substance.

Being just a simple Anakdesa, I don’t seems to understand what and how do they determine ‘excess gas’. Will the cost of building the full-fledged petrochemical plant be cheaper, equal or more expensive then the 500km gas pipeline? Isn’t it a waste of public fund to build the 500km pipeline and at the same time build a full-fledged petrochemical plant?

It is not that I mind sharing God’s given wealth but Sarawak is also a gas producing state. So why need to channel the gas to Sarawak when Sabah is in dire need of such energy? Take the example of towns in Sabah, Sandakan and Tawau where there is impending energy crisis. Where’s the logic? I wouldn’t mind if the pipeline is to be built to, say, Kelantan or Johor where there is no gas! I am not having a greedy thoughts but to share it with someone who is equally having what you have is just too illogical!

I am sceptical and suspicious about pledges made by the Federal Government. After building and completing the 500km gas pipeline, the Federal Government decided against the building of the full-fledged petrochemical plant, then WHAT? Afterall, if the PM can simply change his earlier decision to scrap the 500km project and within a few months reinstate it, I don’t see any reason why they can’t and will not reverse their pledge to build the full-fledged petrochemical plant later. Flip-flop decision is nothing new to Government. They will then come up with all kind of excuses to upheld their decision and get all the Sabah BN leaders to serenade the ‘song’ to the Sabah people later. Of course some so-called Sabah leaders who are well known of their “yes, sir”, “no problem, sir” “whatever, sir” attitude will happily, blindly and stupidly echo the excuses to the people of Sabah. By then it is TOO LATE!

This delaying tactic has been used over and over again by the Federal Government yet the state so-called leaders are just too blind (or are they pretending) to see it. They never learn from the many failures that hunted the Sabah people for decade because of their arrogance and stupidity. The promises and failure by the Federal Gornment to resolve the illegal immigrants, the “Project I/C”, the high cost of living et cetera.

The Sabah leaders never learn how they are being fooled, taken for a ride and made used of in the past by the Federal Leaders as long as they can keep their position.

The Sabah leaders never learn that being arrogant to the rakyat’s voice will someday back-lashed on them.

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Once again Sabah is the focus of all UMNO and MCA leaders these days. Some are talking about the 9MP additional 1 billions of ringgit allocation for Sabah & Sarawak. Some are demanding that their sole representative be made DCM. Isn’t that to be proud of to have so many VVIPs visting!

Tan Sri Muhamad Muhd Taib  is heard singing the same old song again – “projects will be implemented by January 2009 at the latest”, ” only BN can bring development to the people….”, “opposition cannot do anything”, “the people must continue giving their support to the BN…”  etc, etc…No other songs kah?

Oh gosh…when are these kind of leaders grow-up and learn? Or have they over-grown and should be at the old folks home – retiring. Mark my words, come January 2009, this minister will have an amnesia that he forgot what he had promised – good clean water, good road and so forth. Most part of Nabawan, though had been under the government of the day for the last 45 years is still “enjoying” water from the river and the Divine.

The action of these leaders, who are the production of the pre-Malaysia day, are totally obsolete. As I have said in my previous articles, don’t take the people for a ride. Gone were the days when we were taken in with promises – empty promises! People are now brilliant and not easily fooled anymore, may they be from the urban or rural area.

Likewise, our friend from MCA, Donald Lim came to Sabah arrogantly demand for more seats and that the DCM post should be given to them. This so-called brilliant leader is questioning the prerogative of the CM. Indirectly of course, he is telling the CM’s choice is not right!

Being just a simple anakdesa, I ask myself, why are these so-called leaders trying to fool the people over and over again?


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Datuk Eric Majimbun

Datuk Eric Majimbun

The surname and address on his MyKad are the same as the ones belonging to Sepanggar member of parliament Datuk Eric Majimbun, but they are not related. Neither do they know each other. ( The NST / Daily Express )

Need I say more on how serious is this situation? A “thorn in the flesh” for Malaysian Sabahan for the past 3 decade, yet nothing is done to overcome the problem. For those who are not residence of Sabah and those that have no authority to check the real situation, I can understand and appreciate if they say it is a small matter. But to those “overseas” ministers who have all the means to check the details, yet do nothing but instead making stupid remarks. To this 2 ministers, I said “the hell with you two…....”.  There had been too much talk with no action and too many problems but no solution to the issues concerning the Government’s handling of Malaysian citizenship and dubious identity cards in Sabah.

( An angry version of Anakdesa! 😦 )

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Sad Future

Sad Future

“If the NRD or government has no satisfactory answer, I strongly urge Upko to seriously review its position in the BN because an identification document is a very important matter as it shows their sense of belonging.” Datuk Wilfred Bumburing Daily Express and Star

I’ve lost track on how many articles I’ve written in the Daily Express Forum regarding the issuance of fake Malaysian I/C to foreigners. This issue has been a thorn in the flesh for every Malaysian Sabahan for almost 3 decade. The leaders of some political parties have repeatedly voiced their displeasure regarding this issue but unfortunately their concerned falls on deaf ears of the federal government. To make matter worst which hurt the feelings of the people in Sabah, some clowns from the cabinet got the guts to make statements such as  “..the PATI does not pose any problems to Sabah people” and “…there is no such thing as Project I/C”.

I can vividly remember so clearly that while I was once posted to a bank branch in Tenom a few years back, I came across a foreigner with a passport who came to open an account but I rejected it due to some technicality in the document. The very next day, this very same man came again to open an account but this time with a Malaysian I/C! I sarcastically asked him whether the I/C was acquired through the Project I/C. Surprisingly he admitted without any sense of fear. (Did I approve the application..NO!)

So each time when some leaders from the central government made comments such as the above, my first reaction would be “F**k you all”. It’s not that I like to use the word F**k on leaders but after 3 decade of voicing out our concern, they do nothing but keep hurting the people with their remarks.

Coming back to the statement by Datuk Wilfred Bumburing, as a anakdesa of Sabah, I fully support that UPKO should take a concrete steps and action to overcome this problem once and for all. He rightfully and I wholeheartedly agree when he said that “…I strongly urge Upko to seriously review its position in the BN..”. Not that I being an anti-government but we need to be heard. If the present government do not  care nor listen to the plight of the people regarding the Project I/C, why then do we need to carry on supporting them. May as well get a new government and cross our fingers that they will look and resolve the matter. If they too do not act on it as what the present government is doing then show them the exit door!

Now the question arise when Datuk Wilfred Bumburing said “….who believes that a Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up to investigate NRD’s alleged issuance of ICs to foreigners.”  when YB Lim Kiat Siang  put up a motion for a RCI to be set up to solve the issue, where were all the UPKO’s representatives?

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Yesterday, while driving my 11 years old niece back from school, she was exited to see some Malaysian flags at some houses along the way. On reaching home, she asked me why aren’t we putting up a flag too as some of the houses. She knew it is because of the “51st Merdeka” celebration as they were generally informed by their teachers in school .

It took me sometimes before I can give her an answer to her question. Deep inside me is whether to tell her the real history or just being like a donkey and follow what they were taught in school. In the end I took the decision to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Sabah did not achieved it’s independence on 31st August 1957 BUT 16Th Sept 1963. Only Malaya at that time achieved their’s from the British. Not Sabah and Sarawak. After that you know lah…strings of questions from my niece that I can hardly see the Olympic in the TV in peace. I would have groan and irritated from the marathon of questions that I have to answer. If she had gone to the Olympic, I guess she would have got herself a gold medal. NO…I did not groan nor irritated over the questions poured out to me. I took the liberty to try to explain and paint in her young mind the true picture about the formation of Malaysia.

Am I wrong and being unpatriotic? Is it wrong to tell the true picture to the youngs about the real history? I believe we shouldn’t distort history and confuse the young people especially the young children of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia.

I am not being unpatriotic but facts is facts. I can’t change history nor anyone in Malaysia or the world. The facts remain no matter what our education policy or system is trying to psyche the mind of our youngs. It is morally and etically wrong! We cannot and should not distort history! But in Malaysia, it seems that the Education Ministry is trying to do just that.

Did I put up a flag in the end or did my niece insisted? No…we did not as I feel that we might be just celebrating it for the sake of celebrating without any significant meaning to the word MERDEKA. One thing for sure we do put up one on 16Th September.

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