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It has been a bit too long since I last voiced out my views on the scenario around me, be it political or anything under the sun. I received a lot of messages from people who shared the same thoughts on some of the articles that I have written here asking me whether I have foregone my belief. I wouldn’t say that I have backtracked on neither my past views nor my present view that we need changes to have a better place for all Malaysian. A place for all Malaysian and not just for certain races only. When I first started this blog, it’s was only meant to voiced and express my dissatisfaction on what was happening around me and never once I expected quite a number of visitors, some giving good comments and some otherwise. To all 17,700+ visitors, I thank you for sharing my thoughts whether you all agreed on my personal views or otherwise.

What kept me away from expressing my views? Has the country changed for the better ever since and I have nothing more to comment? Or what’s happening around me is to my satisfaction and should not be commented? I wish from the bottom of my heart those are the real reasons why I took such a long “leave” from my blog. But sad to say NO… that’s not the reason why. The country has not changed for the better nor is the situations around us any better. Corruptions, racism, cronyism, judiciary, the men in blue, politicians, PATI, to name a few, are worst than ever. Those that walk down the corridors of powers still and will always will steps on and fools those man-on-the-street, unless changes are made. Then why stop expressing my views? Personally, I say… I have had enough of what’s going on around me. Why should I, an ordinary man-on-the-street, keep on writing and expressing my views when our so-called leaders are acting ignorant of all the wrongs that are happening around them? They keep on manipulating wrongs to make them look good but the situation remains. They keep on fooling the people around with their twisted tongue with promises with which the problem remained unsolved. Let me take one good example, the problem with PTIs. Our previous DPM (now PM) promised to resolve the problem to the extent that a RM50 million was allocated to complete the exercise. The people of Sabah were jubilant and said at last there’s light at the end of the tunnel to this problem. Light? What light was there to see? The only light that I see is that we are being fooled once again. The light was so bright even a fool can see what’s really happening. The men-in-the-street are being fooled by the same people whom they voted to walk in the corridors of powers. It is disgusting to be fooled but what can I say, the fooled are the one that are really fools. They are the one that kept these twisted tongue politicians in power to fool them! They loved to be fooled as they are fools themselves.

Then why have I “resurrected” and started to write again. The reason behind my “resurrection” is a blog which I accidentally came across and I was quite impressed by the blogger’s frank and straight forward views. Not that I believe in all what was posted but it was the blogger’s spirit of wanting changes. One thing that I share and salute this man is his firm stance on his belief. We can’t expect everyone to support us on our belief totally neither do we support others of theirs totally. He is no politician, just an ordinary man-on-the-street with his own views and stances. His writing in his blog rejuvenated my spirit to revisit and resurrected my “dead” blog. Being just me, my thoughts and my lappy, sometimes made me think that I am all alone here hoping and wanting for changes. But after seeing this man’s articles and the so many comments by others in his FB made me realised that there are so many other out there who wants changes. I know that I am not alone in expressing my views in blogs.


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lim-kit-siang1Tonight, I will also launch a booklet “The Cries of Sabah”.

The following is the Introduction for the booklet:


The thought of producing this booklet came to me when I received consecutively on Oct. 10/11 two heart-wrenching cries from two visitors to my blog. (The cries of Sabahans; Don’t neglect Sabah, please!)

I felt very ashamed as a Malaysian that after 45 years of Malaysia, there is still such an ocean of ignorance among West Malaysians about Sabah and Sarawak. Even more shameful is that the Government is guilty of allowing such wide gap of differences – economy, education, health, basic infrastructure – to exist between the people living on the two lands of the same country divided by the South China Sea. Clearly, the Barisan Nasional (BN) is not prepared to create a truly Malaysian nation where Sabahans and Sarawakians can fully feel that they are treated as equal citizens and an integral part of the nation.

This is why BN has become quite irrelevant, not only to Sabahans and Sarawakians but to all Malaysian communities, whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan-Dusun-Muruts, Ibans or Orang Asli.

This booklet also chronicles the day-by-day effort made in Parliament in May this year to table a motion for the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah – the worst problem faced by Sabahans – and how it failed because of the lack of support by the BN Members of Parliament, including those from Sabah.

It starts with the observation on the seemingly change of attitude shown by some Sabah Members of Parliament in the first Parliament sitting after the March 8, 2008 general election where the unprecedented political tsunami swept away five state governments from the control of the BN, and for the first time in the history of Malaysia, denied the BN 2/3 majority in Parliament.

The contents of this booklet are from my blog postings, each of which provoked heated discussion and debate on the topic at hand.

In the appendix are the blogs before the “political tsunami” of March 8, 2008, starting with my parliamentary speech on “The New Underclass in Sabah” on 16th April 2007.

Blog, a modern medium where everyone can express his/her views even anonymously as visitors, has given a completely new meaning to freedom of expression to Malaysians.

This is why the BN government has invaded the cyberspace and intruded into this new space of freedom.

There has been a transformation from its initial bewildered and hostile attitude to the blogosphere, highlighted by the “goblog” chapter of the previous “Misinformation Minister” Zainuddin Maidin and the Internal Security Act (ISA) detention of Malaysia’s famous blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin to a more nuanced and engaged posture sending cybertroopers into the blogosphere to fight its cause.

A new sense of freedom provided by the Internet must be matched by an equal sense of responsibility and I do not apologise for the minimum of moderation on my blog, disallowing language which are vulgar, obscene, inflammatory or inciting hatred of race or religion.

Although the latest parliamentary effort to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah was not successful, the problems and plight faced by Malaysian Sabahans and Malaysian Sarawakians continue. But let Malaysians join hands as one people despite the obstacles and baggage of BN to change this.

The struggle must go on…

Lim Kit Siang
November 2008

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KUALA LUMPUR, TUES: Home Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, 58, has been appointed chairman of the Election Commission (EC) effective this Dec 31. ( NST )

Outgoing EC chairman



Outgoing EC chairman

All these years many parties (except for BN of course) and individual have been unhappy with the retiring Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman way of handling elections in Malaysia. This is especially so during the Dr. Mahathir regime where the redelineation of new boundaries for the ADUN and MP have been questioned. The redelineations have been seen as a divide and rule tactics in favour of the BN government.

We can see that, where there is a strong support for the BN that area would be divided to make way for more seats for the BN eventhough the population is small. Compared to the majority urban area where population is big but support for the BN is less, the area remained status quo.

Some Sabah leaders (sad to say ‘some’) have been very vocal on the issue of illegals who are given the rights to vote during elections using the “Project I/C”. Kopitiam talks are that some of these illegals are even asked to vote more then once at several places using different I/Cs. Dead people resurrected during election and manage to cast their votes. All these have been voiced out to the EC, to have the Electoral Roll cleaned up but todate nothing materialised. Each time a new Electoral Roll is gazetted, they promised that those electors who are dead or have ceased to be qualified have been expunged from the roll. All those promises and sweet talk are just bullsh**!

Can we expect something concrete from this new EC chairman? Does he have the professional integrity expected from a government servant. Will he be impartial in discharging his duties as the EC chairman? OR would he be the same or even worst then the previous chairman?

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Bernard Dompok & Musa Aman

Bernard Dompok & Musa Aman

KOTA KINABALU, WED: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said today the government will ensure the rights of the locals are respected and safeguarded.

He also said that the root cause of citizenship mix-ups involving the locals should be identified and rectified.

The issue, however, should not be continuously discussed in the media as this would only benefit certain quarters which were out to exploit the issue for political gain, he said.

“In terms of the rights of the local people, there will be no compromise… if there are weaknesses or problems on the part of the National Registration Department (NRD), it should be rectified sooner rather than later,” ( NST )

Yeah..you are right Datuk CM. Sooner….but how soon? Another 30 years from now? Wait for more Project I/Cs? Ohhh…stop the nonsense talk…so much talk but no action! Don’t believe me? Wait and see lahhh…..we have gone through this kind of talk moons after moons. Nothing new!

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Datuk Eric Majimbun

Datuk Eric Majimbun

The surname and address on his MyKad are the same as the ones belonging to Sepanggar member of parliament Datuk Eric Majimbun, but they are not related. Neither do they know each other. ( The NST / Daily Express )

Need I say more on how serious is this situation? A “thorn in the flesh” for Malaysian Sabahan for the past 3 decade, yet nothing is done to overcome the problem. For those who are not residence of Sabah and those that have no authority to check the real situation, I can understand and appreciate if they say it is a small matter. But to those “overseas” ministers who have all the means to check the details, yet do nothing but instead making stupid remarks. To this 2 ministers, I said “the hell with you two…....”.  There had been too much talk with no action and too many problems but no solution to the issues concerning the Government’s handling of Malaysian citizenship and dubious identity cards in Sabah.

( An angry version of Anakdesa! 😦 )

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Sad Future

Sad Future

“If the NRD or government has no satisfactory answer, I strongly urge Upko to seriously review its position in the BN because an identification document is a very important matter as it shows their sense of belonging.” Datuk Wilfred Bumburing Daily Express and Star

I’ve lost track on how many articles I’ve written in the Daily Express Forum regarding the issuance of fake Malaysian I/C to foreigners. This issue has been a thorn in the flesh for every Malaysian Sabahan for almost 3 decade. The leaders of some political parties have repeatedly voiced their displeasure regarding this issue but unfortunately their concerned falls on deaf ears of the federal government. To make matter worst which hurt the feelings of the people in Sabah, some clowns from the cabinet got the guts to make statements such as  “..the PATI does not pose any problems to Sabah people” and “…there is no such thing as Project I/C”.

I can vividly remember so clearly that while I was once posted to a bank branch in Tenom a few years back, I came across a foreigner with a passport who came to open an account but I rejected it due to some technicality in the document. The very next day, this very same man came again to open an account but this time with a Malaysian I/C! I sarcastically asked him whether the I/C was acquired through the Project I/C. Surprisingly he admitted without any sense of fear. (Did I approve the application..NO!)

So each time when some leaders from the central government made comments such as the above, my first reaction would be “F**k you all”. It’s not that I like to use the word F**k on leaders but after 3 decade of voicing out our concern, they do nothing but keep hurting the people with their remarks.

Coming back to the statement by Datuk Wilfred Bumburing, as a anakdesa of Sabah, I fully support that UPKO should take a concrete steps and action to overcome this problem once and for all. He rightfully and I wholeheartedly agree when he said that “…I strongly urge Upko to seriously review its position in the BN..”. Not that I being an anti-government but we need to be heard. If the present government do not  care nor listen to the plight of the people regarding the Project I/C, why then do we need to carry on supporting them. May as well get a new government and cross our fingers that they will look and resolve the matter. If they too do not act on it as what the present government is doing then show them the exit door!

Now the question arise when Datuk Wilfred Bumburing said “….who believes that a Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up to investigate NRD’s alleged issuance of ICs to foreigners.”  when YB Lim Kiat Siang  put up a motion for a RCI to be set up to solve the issue, where were all the UPKO’s representatives?

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After the Malaysian general election on March 8, 2008, we heard people from all walks of life talking about “Political Tsunami” and it has been going on ever since.

Malaysia had a surprise election result, the Barisan Nasional dropped down from its overwhelming control of Parliament to a simple majority. Additionally, the alliance was voted out in five important states. The results have brought into the open the strong discontent among the ethnic minorities – the Chinese and Indians as well a loss of support among the Malays.

The rakyat has been asking “WHY”. A once mighty giant (BN) swept by the tsunami political wave and ended up like a limping cow.  In this election, it won just 51% of the votes; and 63% of parliamentary seats. This was its worst performance ever in Malaysia’s 50 years of independence, and crucially, for the first time since 1969, the BN lost the two-thirds majority in parliament it needs to amend the constitution.

If we care to notice, all  great empires or government in the world will have its share of time. All of them have had their great times and  as history has proven it, there will be a time that their supremcy ends.

So, is this the beginning of the end of the once mighty BN? Will there be changes in the political scenario in Malaysia after 50 years?  Is this the time? It seems that there are so many questions dangling around ever since the March 8, 2008 election.

As I have said earlier, the BN has been in power for the past 50 years and no change of government has ever taken place. So I don’t have the liberty to compare between a good government and a bad government in terms of BN governance. They are everything from good to bad. From bad to worst.

In this article, I would like to talk on all the governments in Sabah. Why Sabah? Well because I am from Sabah and I have tasted and went through all kind of government ever since Sabah got its independent from the British. And foremost because Sabah has the most number of government changed and the most numbers of Chief Ministers in the history of Malaysia. Though how much I, being a Sabahan, hated and ashamed to admit it, one can not erease the truth. It will forever be in the histroy of Sabah!

A very brief history on the changes of Sabah Government
– UNKO government was the first party to rule Sabah in 1963. At that time the late Tun Mustapha, who was the Head of State, wasn’t too happy with his limited role in the Government. So he orchestrated to remove UNKO and meanwhile had SCA to fill in the shoe as the Government. USNO took over from SCA as the Government. Meanwhile UNKO was disbanded. Unhappy with the rampant abuse of power and corruption by USNO, Berjaya party was formed to overthrow the USNO Government. Berjaya Government was then overthrown by the PBS party largely due to the iron-fist rule by the then CM and allegation of corruption by his cronies. PBS quit BN on the eve of 1994 general election, incurred the wreath by some of its ADUN becoming ‘frogs’. These ‘frogs’ joined BN and due to that BN has ruled Sabah state till today. Within the short span ( 15 years) of BN in power in Sabah, there are 7 chief ministers rotated within the BN coalition. Another history for Sabah! This rotation of chief ministers was mooted by the then Prime Minister. Personally, I would say that the rotation of CM is an insult to Sabahans and was indirectly implicating that Sabahans are crazy of power. Everyone wanted to be a CM! So give lah…each party ( UMNO, SAPP, PDS, LDP ) 2 years!

I came to this world, a ‘stage’ for actors as our real world is yet to come for all of us who are still alive now, before the Malaysia Day Sept 16, 1963. UNKO didn’t have the time to prove itself in governing the state. USNO in the first few years was good but towards the end they became ARROGANT. The CM wanted to become a sultan and fall out of favour with the federal government. With the help of the central government  Berjaya party took over. Because of  ARROGANT  CRONYISM and CORRUPTION they too were humbly shown the way out. PBS has its share of CORRUPTIONCRONYISM and of course ‘FROGS’ that brought them down. And now the BN Government though CORRUPTION and CRONYISM exist but due to the helping hand of RACIST DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY ONE-SIDED MEDIA and the infamous ‘PROJECT I/C’ they are still in power.

Generally, governments are cast out from office primarily due to  CORRUPTIONCRONYISM, RACIST, FAVOURITISM AND ARROGANT

Is there actually any good Government?  Yes all governments are good but only in the first few years in power. A good governance is the process whereby public institutions conduct public affairs, manage public resources and guarantee the realisation of human rights essentially free of abuse and corruption, and with due regard for the rule of law.
Bad government? ALL!!  There will to be  ARROGANT, RACIST, CORRUPTION,  FAVOURITISM and CRONYISM  act after being in power too long. It’s the greedy human nature that once they are in power they tend to sweep all the state riches into their bank account. Tell me of one soul in Malaysia who has been in power that is not rich??? Do you think that their salary of being a minister or MP or ADUN for just a few years can really buy them those millions ringgits bungalows? 
A party being in power too long is not healthy. The so-called leaders of the day, will forget in what they stand for in the first place – to get rid of a bad government! In time, they too joined the bandwagon of bad governments. 
I don’t believe in being patriotic to any one party in the name of my race or religion. Being patriotic to the your race, religion and country..YES. But not to certain party or individual. Especially if the party or government has diverted from its duty of being a good government. A government for all Malaysian irrespective of their colours or religions and essentially free of abuse and corruption.
Simply said – Don’t let a single government stay in power too long!

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