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Kampung Buah Pala

Kampung Buah Pala

Kg Buah Pala land title prohibits development: Lawyer


KUALA LUMPUR: Land law in Penang categorically prohibits the re-development of Kampung Lorong Buah Pala, a lawyer here specialising in issues involving local authorities said yesterday.

Derek Fernandez said the temporary land ownership (Borang 11AK) document for the village issued by the Timor Laut Land Office stated that the 26,683.96 sq metre plot could not be transferred or mortgaged.

Neither could the land be leased or entered into any form of business transaction, he added.

Fernandez said the state government should issue a notice to the developer, Nusmetro Ventures (P) Sdn Bhd, to stop the demolition of structures on Penang’s High Chaparral.
“The land title actually prohibits any development unless expressly approved by the state government. The developer also cannot enter into any agreement with the Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Pulau Pinang,” he told a press conference held jointly with former Petaling Jaya councillor A.Thiruvenggadam.

Fernandez said the state government could buy the land on which the century-old settlement was located by just paying the original premium with interest.

“They do not have to pay the RM150 million cost of the housing
project promoted by the developer.”
He was commenting on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s statement that the state could not acquire the land as it would need to pay RM150 million in compensation.

The above report by the NST

Could this be final move by the PR government?  CHECKMATE?


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manoharaKUALA LUMPUR, Thurs: Indonesian national Manohara Odelia Pinot, who is embroiled in a marital dispute with her husband, the Tengku Temenggong Kelantan, has hired two law firms to represent her in cases involving her in the Syariah courts and Civil High Court.

For the cases involving the Syariah courts, Manohara will be represented by Messrs Faiz Adnan & Associates with the lead counsel being Mohd Faiz Adnan.

As for the case before the Civil High Court, she has hired the law firm of Messrs Fakrul Hisham Abdullah & Associates to represent her and her mother, Daisy Fajarina.

The appointments were announced by Khairul Nizam, a spokesman for the two law firms concerned, in a statement issued here today.

According to him, representatives from the two law firms met up with Manohara and her mother in Jakarta on Tuesday and Wednesday before they were appointed by the family to handle the cases.

On July 5, Tengku Temenggong Kelantan Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Sultan Ismail Petra filed two applications, one at the Syariah Lower Court and the other at Syariah High Court, both in Kota Baru, to demand that his wife return to him and settle debts she allegedly owed him that were accumulated before and after their marriage totalling RM972,750.

Two weeks after that, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry filed a RM105 million suit against his wife and mother-in-law in the Civil High Court here for allegedly defaming him in press conferences they held between April and June.

Manohara left her husband on May 30 while the couple was in Singapore visiting the Sultan of Kelantan who was seeking medical treatment in the island republic. — BERNAMA


Just a simple question for Manohara Odelia – What makes you think that you will get a fair hearing in Malaysia, knowing very well how the judiciary here works. A prearranged judgment favoring the rich & famous. You will never have a fair hearing especially so if it concern rulers, the so-called guidance of their faith.This is what you will get here. Don’t hope for the best but be prepared for the worst, girl!

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jordy-chandler-sizedAfter the sudden death of Michael Jackson, Chandler tells the truth.

In 1993,  Chandler told a psychiatrist and police that he and Jackson had engaged in sexual acts that included oral sex, the boy gave detailed description of Jackson’s genitals. The case was settled out of court for a reported $22 million, but the strain led Jackson to begin taking painkillers. Eventually he became addicted.

Now maybe for the remorse of his death Chandler decides to tell us the truth.  “I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now I can’t tell Michael how much I’m sorry and if he will forgive me.”

Evan Chandler was tape-recorded saying amongst other things, “If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…”

Under the influence of a controversial father who told his son to tell that Jackson had touched his penis. Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer’s genitals.

“Now for the first time I can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father’s lies to escape from being poor.”

Watch Video


This “article” quickly spread through the Internet, especially over Twitter, where it spent a considerable amount of time in the trending topics.

A surprising number of people believed the article without question, despite the fact that it was on a new wordpress.com blog, with no history of accuracy and no sources.

Can you believe this article? I don’t know if I can but if Jordan comes out and make a public statement with his lawyers, maybe then I will believe….meanwhile….let the raging fire of hell awaits the liar!

By the way, if it is true, is this what’s happening to DS Anwar Ibrahim on his sodomy charges? Wonder how much Saiful was paid to trump up the story of being sodomised! Wonder which is more beautiful – to lie, get money and live in luxurious life or living in the raging heat of the fire of HELL?

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Who Mastermind The Murder Of Altantuya?

Who Masterminded The Murder Of Altantuya?

SHAH ALAM: The leave application by the father of murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu to quash the prosecution’s decision not to appeal against the acquittal of political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda will be mentioned at a High Court here on July 8.

The matter will be called before a deputy registrar to ensure that parties had filed all required documents for the hearing proper.

On Tuesday, Judicial Commissioner Justice Noraini Abdul Rahman ordered Altantuya’s father, Dr Shaariibuu Setev, to file submissions-in-reply to both respondents’ papers.

Setev had on Dec 24 last year filed an application for judicial review to quash the Attorney-General’s decision not to appeal against Razak’s acquittal.

He had named the Attorney-General and Razak as respondents in his application.

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What a sad ending for those two guys who were condemned to death for murdering Altantuya. If I am in their shoes, I will surely upside down the bucket and let all the rubbish out, like who are involved and instructed them to commit the murder. Why suffer while the master-mind is happily enjoying the fruit of their pending death? They might have murdered her but what’s their motive? They have no connection with her before they were instructed to neutralized her. Instructions must have been given to them to neutralized her BUT by whom? Before the real culprit or culprits is/are charged for instrumenting the neutralization of Altantuya, then justice is deem to have not been carried out.

Originally the Attorney-General charged Abdul Razak Baginda for conspiring, then when High Court judge Justice Mohd Zaki Md Yasin acquitted and discharged him, the AG decided not to appeal. My simple conclusion is that the AG is incompetent or was there an instruction not to appeal? Why charged him in the first place and then said “had made a finding of fact in its decision (the court)”. Was charging him in the first place just part of the ‘wayang kulit’ and ‘let the court decide’ decision. A decision which was pre-arranged? Only GOD knows the real truth and the FIRE OF HELL is awaiting the real culprit no matter how religiously he/she pray for forgiveness. As I have said again and again, we might run away from the truth, use our richness and political connection on earth to hide ourselves from the evil we do on earth but we can never run nor hide from our Creator.


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Smiles and Laughter can be deceiving

Fakhry is said to be angered that Manohara Odelia Pinot exposed her body parts to the world. Fakhry made his views known to Manohara through the blog of a mysterious spokesman on toughlane.blogspot.com on Friday. Sources in Jakarta believe the ‘mysterious’ blogger could be him or one of his many ’spokesmen’ who interfered in the affair so far…(Read Here and see pic)

Hemm…it is thus understandable why Tengku Fakhry as a husband was angry. Which husband with the right thinking wouldn’t? If I were in his shoe, I would probably as angry or even angrier then him. I would be very, very angry because what was exposed is supposed for my eyes only because I’ve ‘bought’ the subject and no one help me pay for it. So why share! Secondly because of moral, religious and of course because of my blood type issue. My blood type is ‘X’ while others are of type ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘O’. So how can you and I share the same subject! Lastly maybe it actually exposed the truth about myself.

Whatever it is, I may run away and hide myself from all these sinful people on earth. Use any human connection and political powers on earth to ‘clear’ my name BUT I know there’s one that I can NEVER hide from…..GOD! I might get all the fresh air here on earth by just driving to Genting or by switching on the air-con BUT the heat of the FIRE OF HELL will surely awaits me upon my return to my Creator.

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I received this comment from someone called MelayuMudahLupa regarding my very long ago article Here . I wish to share here the narrow-minded thoughts of MelayuMudahLupa and why Malaysia can never progress in terms of being ‘Malaysian”. Racism will remain so long as someone as MelayuMudahLupa keeps on talking about one being a Malay, Chinese, Indian,Iban, KadazanDusun etc. and not as a Malaysian.

*********************************************************************** Submitted on 2009/05/26 at 2:23pm

allow me lo leave a comment meh:

Universiti ini tolong melayu…. 10% means a lot meh..20000 bright yet poor kampung bumis will lose their oppurtunity to further their studies…plus they won’t be able to enter IPTS due to “financial” barrier…i repeat “financial barrier”….please do a survey about number of bumis in ipts….

Firstly, I wonder where you got the figure that there are 200,000 undergraduates in UiTM. Anywy, it doesn’t mean that in order to accommodate that 10% it will necessary derive those, what you termed as poor kampong bumi, a place in UiTM. The faculty can always expand the intake and the present numbers of bumiputras be maintained. Secondly, what made you think that those non-bumis at the IPTS are all from rich families? They are there because of the limited quota allocated to them by the IPTA. Will they enroll themselves at the IPTS if they are given the choice? I do agree with you that that there are less bumi in the IPTS but that’s because most of them were given places in IPTA. You should survey the opposite i.e. how many non-bumi were admitted to IPTA because this is where there are quota and restriction imposed by the government!

By the way, what makes you think that those bumis accepted into UiTM are from poor families? I knew so many who came from rich families, while some with parents with high position in the government.

So in future, we are about to produce another mat rempits, drug addicts and young thugs….syabas diucapkan. How many of these people that you mention became what they are because of not being admitted to IPTA? There are what they are because of their own attitude my friend or because of family problems and so forth but definitely not about being not admitted to IPTA. It is not about whether you are in government or opposition camp.Tan Sri Khalid seems to say wrong things at the wrong time. Talking about admitting 10% quota for non bumis into uitm while the bumis are still mourning about their loss of political power, 30% increase of quota into mrsms (poor kampung children), loss of 45% of PSD scholarships, aggressive attacks against malay rulers and article 153 etc….

“Say wrong things at the wrong time” This sentence I fully agree with you. In fact all politicians are the same. Be they in the opposition or the government. This is a blanket coverage for all politicians and those that walks in the corridor of power.

Lost of political power? Well, the BN is still in power so where’s the lost? And so are all the states where the MB or KM is a Malay. Except of course Penang but then that how it was before.

30% into MRSM? (Did you get your facts right?) Well that I’ve to ask you one simple question, why didn’t you all went to the street as what happened when the 10% suggestion made by Khalid. Was it because the 30%(?) was proposed by the BN, while the 10% by the opposition? You see it is not because of 10% or 30%, it is more on whose mouth the words come from.

45% of PSD scholarship – Isn’t that fair? You are talking about 45% to be divided amount all other races while the bumi gets 55%. Afterall, this scholarship is the taxpayers’ money and you cannot disagree with me that the highest tax contributors are the non-bumis but yet  they only get 45% and are happy with it, if it’s approved by the government.

Aggressive attacks on malay rulers? Who attacked? You mean YB Karpal Singh? This I cannot comment as it is still with the court and I wish not to be in contempt of the court. However when Tun Dr Mahathir attacked the rulers and chipped their wings (or rather their fangs), why did you all not protest and voted him out? In contrast you all made him the longest serving PM. Yet another e.g. of whose mouth the words come out from.

Why 20000 young and bright bumis have to give their place to others just for a politician’s sake? Didn’t PR realize that 10% non bumi intake into MRSM is one of the reasons why kampung folks voted against BN a year ago? Why did PR make the same mistake again? His action is like pouring salt into a wound…..and he paid for it.

This I’ve answered above. But still again I pose you the very same question – Why didn’t you all protest on the street when it was proposed as what was done on UiTM?

If you malay scholars are really concerned about national integration, then why only targeting uitm? how about racist vernacular and chung hwa schools? will non-bumis disband these useless, racist scholls and integrate their students into one national education system before they demand same thing for SBP, MRSM and UiTM? Why do bumis always have to make sacrifices and sacrifices while non-bumis don’t have to?

I just cannot control my laughter for a moment when I read this comment. You should understand the difference between UiTM, vernacular and Chung Hwa schools (wonder why you pinpoint Chung Hwa School) before you put up your comments as it will show how shallow your understanding on this matter. No one stops you from enrolling any vernacular schools for that matter Chung Wah School included. There is neither quota nor restriction. Everyone is most welcome to enroll. Unlike UiTM, quota and restriction are imposed.

Please remind yourself and others, UiTM is a university, with a sole purpose of balancing the number of bumi professionals against non-bumis professionals esp chinese, so that there will be no racial gap in any pro sectors, no racial hatred/ dissatisfaction and finally no more 13th may 1969 clash. UiTM is a balancing university. So apart form quality, quantity also matters. Balancing university? So you are saying that it is something like the NEP? To balance the economic cake between the races? Foremost, you should be asking yourself why there are imbalances of professionals among the races.

How I hate talking by race as  we should be talking and considering ourselves as Malaysian now after more then 50 years of independence.

Are you telling and admitting that the Chinese are clever then the bumis so much so that we bumis are crying for protection and can’t compete without it after 52 years of independent? I totally love to disagree with that as I am a bumiputra myself and foremost it insulted my dignity being a bumiputra. Every human in this world are the same, likewise all Malaysian are the same. No race is more genius then the other. I don’t consider myself less genius then the Chinese but I do agree that some Chinese are better then me. Likewise, I don’t consider myself the best among the bumis but do agree that some bumis are better then me while some are worst then me. That’s the problem with us bumiputras; forever asking for protection which made us too complacent and being too complacent always failed us. Look at the NEP, which was suppose to protect and balance the economic cake of the country. After so many years implemented, I urge you to check in the Forbes magazine of the most riches people. Any bumiputras? NONE! Why? After all the protection and NEP. Surprisingly, right? Likewise, a certain quota should be open to non-bumis in the UiTM for the simple reasons, as I have mention in my article, integration and competition. We should not remain under the coconut shell forever and only to compete and learn among ourselves. Regarding the 13th may 1969, this is the very one episode that we later generations can never really know the reasons. We only come to believe what was fed to us by those people in the corridors of power. Was it really due to race and economic? Or was it due to political powers at risk?

We will forever be a toddler, if we forever depends on government protection in term of economic and education. Progress? Yes but within the coconut shell.

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Within weeks they can easily locate Raja Petra…..BUT for months they can’t locate Bala nor the killer of Nini, 5, missing since January 9 2008.. This is what I call the actual efficiency of our men-in-blue! RPK must be damn important to them or is RPK was so stupid to leave his tracks all around, even the blind could see his tracks! (More – The Star )

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