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It has been a bit too long since I last voiced out my views on the scenario around me, be it political or anything under the sun. I received a lot of messages from people who shared the same thoughts on some of the articles that I have written here asking me whether I have foregone my belief. I wouldn’t say that I have backtracked on neither my past views nor my present view that we need changes to have a better place for all Malaysian. A place for all Malaysian and not just for certain races only. When I first started this blog, it’s was only meant to voiced and express my dissatisfaction on what was happening around me and never once I expected quite a number of visitors, some giving good comments and some otherwise. To all 17,700+ visitors, I thank you for sharing my thoughts whether you all agreed on my personal views or otherwise.

What kept me away from expressing my views? Has the country changed for the better ever since and I have nothing more to comment? Or what’s happening around me is to my satisfaction and should not be commented? I wish from the bottom of my heart those are the real reasons why I took such a long “leave” from my blog. But sad to say NO… that’s not the reason why. The country has not changed for the better nor is the situations around us any better. Corruptions, racism, cronyism, judiciary, the men in blue, politicians, PATI, to name a few, are worst than ever. Those that walk down the corridors of powers still and will always will steps on and fools those man-on-the-street, unless changes are made. Then why stop expressing my views? Personally, I say… I have had enough of what’s going on around me. Why should I, an ordinary man-on-the-street, keep on writing and expressing my views when our so-called leaders are acting ignorant of all the wrongs that are happening around them? They keep on manipulating wrongs to make them look good but the situation remains. They keep on fooling the people around with their twisted tongue with promises with which the problem remained unsolved. Let me take one good example, the problem with PTIs. Our previous DPM (now PM) promised to resolve the problem to the extent that a RM50 million was allocated to complete the exercise. The people of Sabah were jubilant and said at last there’s light at the end of the tunnel to this problem. Light? What light was there to see? The only light that I see is that we are being fooled once again. The light was so bright even a fool can see what’s really happening. The men-in-the-street are being fooled by the same people whom they voted to walk in the corridors of powers. It is disgusting to be fooled but what can I say, the fooled are the one that are really fools. They are the one that kept these twisted tongue politicians in power to fool them! They loved to be fooled as they are fools themselves.

Then why have I “resurrected” and started to write again. The reason behind my “resurrection” is a blog which I accidentally came across and I was quite impressed by the blogger’s frank and straight forward views. Not that I believe in all what was posted but it was the blogger’s spirit of wanting changes. One thing that I share and salute this man is his firm stance on his belief. We can’t expect everyone to support us on our belief totally neither do we support others of theirs totally. He is no politician, just an ordinary man-on-the-street with his own views and stances. His writing in his blog rejuvenated my spirit to revisit and resurrected my “dead” blog. Being just me, my thoughts and my lappy, sometimes made me think that I am all alone here hoping and wanting for changes. But after seeing this man’s articles and the so many comments by others in his FB made me realised that there are so many other out there who wants changes. I know that I am not alone in expressing my views in blogs.


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