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At last the “frog” epidemic has cross the South China Sea and all the Semananjung people are jumping and shouting. Some out of joy while some are crying foul. Even the MACC wouldn’t want to be left out and shiftily joined the fun.

Never before this have I come across such a wide publicity of  ‘frog’ jumping ships. It seems like the end of the world or should I say the beginning of the end of the ruling party, UMNO.

I can still remember very well when PBS was ruling Sabah as an opposition for the second term, YB Datuk Lajim Ukin and YB Datuk Rubin Balang turned ‘frog’ causing the downfall of PBS government, none of the BN leaders condemned them but on the contrary, praised them for being “open-minded”.

There were rumors at that point of time that they were given millions of ringgits for their action but surprisingly not a word from the ACA that they will investigate. Nothing at all….

Here we have an UMNO man Dato Nasaruddin turning into a “frog” and so quickly the MACC making statement that they will investigate.

So what…..afterall the high court had ruled that it is the freedom of association as enshrined in the federal constitution.


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Najib promises huge changes if BN wins

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak promised to bring huge changes to Kuala Terengganu if the Barisan Nasional (BN) if given the mandate by the people in the Jan 17 parliamentary by-election.

He said the BN Government was capable of bringing changes to provide a better livelihood for the people compared with PAS which was capable of making empty promises only. (Daily Express)

Yes lah…carry on with all the promises…empty promises! Wonder where is the promise of RM1 billion allocation for Sabah and Sarawak? Where is the promise to get rid of the illegal immigrants?

Politicals leaders are only good in making promises during elections time and during hard times when they are cornered by defections by their MPs. They start to open their big mouth and make all sort of promises just to make the people happy. After all is over those promises will turn to just nothing but empty promises!

Even Tan Sri Bernard Dompok quired about the RM1 billion extra allocation. Not that I really care about the RM1 billion extra allocation but it is a question of how good is the words/promises by our country top leaders. Can we believe them? Or are they just taking the people for a ride with all their empty promises.

As I have said I just don’t really care about that RM1 billion extra allocation, afterall if they really fulfill this promise, it is their own cronies who will actually gained from the projects. So no big deal.

What matter me most being just an ordinary rakyat, which is affecting the people of Sabah and the future generations is the illegal immigrants. Especially the “project I/C”.

As I have said in my earlier article, Sabah leaders are just good for nothing! They are just being blinded by empty promises from the central leaders. When the RM1 billion extra allocation were promised, they all praised the central leaders and adore them as goddess. I can understand lah….those $$$ sign started to play around their head. More allocation, more luggage to carry to the bank mahhh…

To the rakyat of Kuala Terengganu…don’t be a victim of empty promises…don’t be fooled by these leaders!


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