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With the political will of the leaders, corruption can be checked and reduced to a more tolerable level. I won’t say eliminated as even Singapore has not been able to achieve that.

The bad news is that with a tainted Immigration system, Malaysia is also under the spotlight by the UK authorities and we may soon be required to apply for visas.

I suggest that ACA also check if the arrested officers had any links to those who provided documents to the thousands of illegals in Sabah.

Here, I once again wish to ask the Sabah ACA director, what has happened since the arrest of several NRD officers in Sabah a few months back.

I have been forwarding this question to her but she prefers to be silent. Orang Sabah tak mudah lupawhen it comes to the PTI!

To the ACA (Hq), well done! Keep up with the good work and I am sure most Malaysians will support your efforts. I hope ACA Sabah would have the same guts.

(My article in Daily Express Forum dated July 20, 2008) 8)


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